Really, Every Day Should Be Just Like Christmas.

It’s coming up to Christmas time…in fact I’m writing this blog and there’s less than 25 hours before Christmas Day arrives Down Under…

Christmas Day arrives on the same day each year.

I was about to say:

“It’s hard to believe it’s nearly Christmas.”

But, we know that Christmas Day is always on December 25 each year.

The earth does not speed up during December to bring Christmas to us more quickly.

Christmas is when Christmas is.

Get used to it.

We must get together before Christmas.

Are you sick and tired of hearing this one?

Why is it that Christmas is used as a reason for the socially slack to start offering their friends a form of social ultimatum?


Really, if you’d been a good friend already to all of those people in your life that truly matter, then you wouldn’t be using Christmas as some form of deadline for catching up with those acquaintances that you’ve failed to keep in touch with.

“We must get together before Christmas.”

It’s such an over-used cliché that it has indeed lost its literal meaning.

Nobody who ever says this really means it…in fact, I’ll bet they live in fear of everybody they say this to actually “calling in the rent” on it.

All the very best for Christmas.

This is another time-wearied cliché.

Why just say this in December?

Why not be nice and wish everybody you know and see an

“All the very best”

every time that you farewell them.

Wouldn’t that knock their socks off?

I think I get it, David…..

Why aren’t people nice to each other all year long?

Why don’t people get together at any time, and not just at Christmas time?

Our world would be a far better place if everybody treated everyone else as if each day was just before Christmas.

I get what Christmas is.

“I get what Christmas is.”

But I just don’t get why we can’t treat people nicely all the time?

As if every day was just like Christmas.

Why can’t people be nice to each other every day?

Offer great service every day.

Say something complimentary to everyone every day.

Offer someone an unexpected helping hand every day.

See how they respond.

It feels better than Christmas…

It does.


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