Running A Great Business Does Not Have To Be So Difficult

Running a great business does not have to be so difficult.

It’s all about systems.

When you have systems you have order.

Without systems, there is no order.

There is only entropy.

There is only chaos.

Organised chaos is really supervised chaos.

The amount of energy an organisation requires to manage and supervise chaos is infinitely more than the amount of energy required to establish a system and stick to that system.

Picture this:

A dripping tap, at the side of a sporting field.

Under the dripping tap is a muddy wet area that radiates away from the tap standing there.

Depending upon the severity of the dripping, the area can be small, brown, and damp, or it can be expansive and also quagmirish.

To restore this area to pristine condition it should be we can import sand and soil, and turf.

We can level off the sand and soil and lay the freshly cut new turf.

We can rope off the area to avoid damage from foot traffic.

But if the tap still drips, the quagmire returns.

And we can then lay more sand and more soil and more turf….

And if the tap still drips the quagmire will return….

Or we could call a plumber and fix the leaking tap…

What’s the core problem?

The dripping tap is at the core of the problem.

In your dental practice there will always be areas that need attention and improvement.

The big issue is to fix those things that are at the core of the problem and are causing the other issues, rather than trying to returf the other issues.

Returfing the wrong issue leads to frustration and to repeated failure.

And not in that order.

The problems that I see in dental offices that are the result of people addressing the wrong problems, as opposed to addressing the core problems, are significant, and significantly abundant.

I’ve seen dental offices over expending on staff and on dental chairs and equipment when put simply, the problems are time management related.

I’ve seen dental offices creating signs and lists and systems to deal with patients repeatedly cancelling appointments, when the true issues are that the patients have no idea about why they need to return, and are totally confused as to what their next step needs to be.

This confusion is what leads to the cancellation.

And reprimanding cancellers as if they were errant school children, is not the answer.

To run a business successfully you need to identify the core issues and tackle those core issues head on, and not waste time trying to mend the peripheral issues that are continually caused by the core issues.

Attacking the peripheral issues is not the answer.

When a golf pro told the great Ben Hogan that he was having trouble with his putting and in particular, getting his long putts close to the hole, and he asked Hogan what he should work on to fix this issue, Hogan simply replied:

“Hit your approach shots closer to the flag.”

Look at those core issues.

Fix them, and you’ll go a long way towards making permanent and significant improvements to the way that your dental office goes about things.


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