Service Is Our Business

One of the most important things to remember in a service business is to follow up.

And not to leave loose or open ends.

Communication is the key.

And it’s especially important when dealing with communications from customers who pay you significant amounts of money.

If your customer contacts your office, and leaves a message, it is paramount that whatever that message is, that some form of communication is returned.

Your business cannot hope for telepathy to magically appear and start a discourse with your customer.

Your customer has opened a line of communication for a reason.

Your business needs to continue that communication until the customer is totally satisfied.

This goes for communications involving questions as well as areas of concern, and also complaints.

You cannot have an unhappy customer out there “hanging” in the dark.

You all need closure.

It is important, in the dental office, that the team works together on this so that there is always closure.

It is paramount that every dental team member who is involved in the communication is then invested in ensuring a result.

The team member who takes the initial call and who passes on the first message must be just as invested in this line of communication as the team members who are meant to take subsequent actions.

The chain cannot be broken.

The action of passing on of a message should not be considered as sufficient participation.

Sometimes the dental team member who is meant to take action on this message sadly forgets to do so.

And so there needs to be a chain of accountability established for messages passed on in the dental office.

“I told you about that.”

is not a suitable response.

Every team member who participates in a communication within the office needs to be invested in the finality of that communication.

When there is total investment from all team members, it is then that we have a truly world class operation.


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