Service Recovery and Zero Risk? How Good Is Yours?

Service Recovery and Zero Risk?

Now, most people will *NOT* know what we are talking about here.

Not at all.

What the heck is “Service Recovery”?

And “Zero Risk”?

“Service Recovery” is your ability to fully recover [and more!] from an error that occurs, from something that goes wrong, within the course of your delivery of your Customer Service Protocols.

“Service Recovery” is the ability of your Office to rectify any Service Defects that occur throughout your day.

Service Defects are defined as any Obstacles and Challenges that can occur at any stage of the Customer Experience Cycle that can ruin the Customer’s experience.

Our Dental Office’s service recovery systems and the way we seamlessly swing them into action are what defines us as a business that cares unconditionally about our customers.

While these customers may complain about the service defect that just happened, they will be in awe at the way our business handles that defect through its service recovery processes….

Think about your Dental Practice for a moment….

Where have you recently had a Service Defect?

And how did your team swing into action to recover from that defect?

Sometimes the defect is not caused by us and our Office, and is beyond our control.

Yet, although it is not our fault, the defect is our problem.

And it is up to us to make good that problem, unconditionally, in the eyes of the customer.

That’s what it’s all about….

As an example, last night I conducted a webinar, and for some inexplicable reason, I accidentally paused the slide show as visible to my audience, but not to me.

How dumb!

My audience had to follow on from me talking, without any visual input whatsoever!

And so, at the end of the webinar, as I checked my recording, it became obvious that I’d “created” for myself and for my registrants, a massive service defect.

So how do I rectify this?

How do I create some form of Service Recovery that makes the day for those disappointed registrants?

Well, immediately this morning, all registrants will be receiving an audio copy of the webinar, via email, into their inbox.

And afterwards, later today, God willing, I’ll have a video copy of another performance of that exact same webinar that I’ll be conducting this morning for my USA friends who are fifteen to eighteen hours behind Sydney in time.

I’ve also upped the bonuses for those registrants from last night who take action as a result of listening through, and watching, the replay of today’s webinar, in that I’ve extended the limited offer unconditionally to all of those who tough it out and follow through to the end.

Ands that’s the kind of service recovery you need to have in your Dental Office.

When you run behind, and patients are worried about parking, do you send someone out to either move their car, or feed the meter for them?

Or do you offer them a taxi, or better still, offer to drop them on home, if their appointment finishes late, and you’re concerned for their well-being and getting home safely, due to nightfall?

Do you offer to drop pre-medication required for their next appointment around to their house ahead of time, to save them having to make an extra trip out, prior to treatment?

Do you send flowers, or chocolates to patients who, through no fault of their own, are inconvenienced because they need to have open contacts on their new crown corrected, before the crown can be seated, on another day then?

What we strive for, with our Service Recoveries in all situations in our Dental Office, is the creation of Zero Risk.

“Zero Risk” addresses an intimidating array of issues that can produce unhappy customers, yet those issues may not always be the fault of our Office.

Having a Zero Risk philosophy is essential in order to create those WOW! Experiences for your customers that make them become customers for life.

What does Zero Risk look like in a Dental Office? What does it look like to your patients?

As a patient of an Ultimate Patient Experience Dental Practice offering World Class Service, our clients and customers have a sense of security when they deal with us that should ever any little thing not go to plan, that we, as their Dentist, will make it right, regardless.

Thus, our Dental Office is Zero Risk to deal with.

Zero Risk for your Dental Office is having all your team members fully aware of the potential common service defects that can arise at any stage in the Patient Cycles and visits to your Office, and having the team trained and empowered to provide World Class Service Recovery if and when any defects do arise.

So your Dental Office is known as Zero Risk to do business with…

And that’s a nice way to be.

And a nice way to be known of, in your community.

**This blog post has been written with multiple references to the writings and teachings of my mentor, and great friend, John DiJulius III. Thank you John for your kindness, support, and guiding influences.


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