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Dr. David Moffet is a dynamic sought after speaker and presenter.


He is a National Speakers’ Association Certified Speaking Professional [CSP], and is the only Australian Dentist to be awarded this esteemed honour.


He is the NSW/ACT Chapter President of the PSA [Professional Speakers Australia].


David’s keynote presentation, “How To Build An Ultimate Patient Experience In Your Dental Practice ….Without Spending One Penny More on Marketing” is an entertaining and humorous and informative presentation that both entertains and educates all audiences interested in improving their customer experiences to a World-Class level.



Dr. David is a dentist graduate from Sydney University.

He is also the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller “How to Build the Dental Practice of Your Dreams (without killing yourself) in Less than Sixty Days!”

David is the inventor of The Ultimate Patient ExperienceTM, a simple to implement patient retention system he used to build and subsequently sell (for several million dollars) his very successful Dental Practice located in Parramatta in working-class western Sydney.

Dr. Moffet and his team grew a small two room dental office producing $120K/year into a booming premier practice, successfully producing over $3.4M/year. In Dr. Moffet’s presentations, he shares the protocols and success principles he used to predicate and sustain this growth.

Dr. Moffet’s business success stems from his belief that ‘dentistry is a people business’. By understanding customer service concepts and mastering communication skills, your dental practice can replicate this success.


David has spoken to audiences in New York, London, Copenhagen, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami and Philadelphia, Cleveland, Charleston, Dallas and Portland, as well as in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Canberra.

David coaches dental clients in USA, Canada, Great Britain, Europe, as well as in Australia and New Zealand on how to improve their dental practices by focusing on customer service and patient retention.

In Dr. Moffet’s presentations he shares the unique systems his practice utilised to create unprecedented exponential growth. These same systems are now helping numerous other dental practices around the world.

Dr. Moffet is a celebrated author…

His book “How to Build The Dental Practice of Your Dreams [Without Killing Yourself! ] In less Than Sixty Days” is an Amazon Best-Seller.

He has published articles on, and in Australian and North American dental print publications.

He is the author of over 1200 blog articles, published twice weekly at .

Why Bring an Australian Dentist to Your Meeting?

The Australian dental healthcare system is largely private insurance; patients are free to choose where they receive their dental care. (That’s all the more reason to get Customer Service right!)


In his keynote presentation Dr. Moffet will share with your meeting the unique success principles he developed and used to grow a small, two room dental office into a successfully producing, premier practice in a low-income suburb in western Sydney, Australia.

Why is Dr. Moffet’s Approach So Successful?

Dr. Moffet incorporates the best ideas learned from studying philosophies of some of the most successful companies and organisations outside of dentistry.


His business success stems from his belief that ‘dentistry is a people business’.


Dr. Moffet’s presentations will share with you some of the inside secrets on the unique systems that his practice utilized so successfully to achieve serious exponential growth.


Learn more about his most popular presentations below.

Customized presentations are available upon request.

Creating Perfect Seamless Dental Office Handovers

Does your dental practice suffer from low patient retention?


Do patients leave, business drops off and you don’t know why?


In this presentation, Dr. Moffet shares the principles that he utilized to build a successful practice while charging high fees in a low fee suburb.


Learn how to give your customers a reason for always returning for treatment, and a reason for wanting to come in sooner.

Why is Dr. Moffet’s approach so successful where others have failed?

Dr. Moffet built his practice from the antithesis of traditional Dentistry: traditionally Dental Protocols have only ever considered the Dentist and the team.


So rather than look at creating systems based on the team’s roles, he looked at each and every aspect of the patients’ visits through their eyes only.


Dr Moffet continually studies World Class Customer Service extensively outside of dentistry and implements and integrates the best practices that he sees and learns back into his practice, and into his clients’ practices as well.


This is not just any old customer service course.


Dr. Moffet presents a systemized analysis of the Five Building Blocks of a patient/dentist relationship.


His simple system is easy to implement with little or no cost and results can be seen immediately!


Step outside of the box.


Bring Dr. Moffet’s experience, enthusiasm and passion for the subject to your next meeting.

Participants will learn:

  • How to convert more inquiries into New Patients (increase the ratio).
  • Simple communication methodology for increasing appointment acceptance and reducing cancellations and reschedules.
  • How to create ‘Secret Service’ type systems to gather patient information internally and personalize the patient experience so they ask: “How did they know that?”
  • Unique hidden systems/protocols that are effective, different and ‘not the norm’ to produce exceptional outcomes.
  • How to make price irrelevant: i.e. patients feel your prices are incredible value based on the experience they receive.
  • How to build a straightforward, foolproof system for implementing ‘World Class’ service in your dental practice

There is No Such Thing As A Shopper Call

In this ground-breaking workshop, Dr David Moffet explains how to “romance” a price enquiry call into a motivated and accepting New Patient appointment.


Dr Moffet’s simple yet effective processes show how to identify the real concerns of a price enquirer and lead them to not only make an appointment but also be convinced that your Dental Office is the ONLY place in town for them to have their dentistry done.


Are your advertisements bringing in ‘tyre kickers’… or quality new patients?


In this thought provoking and insightful presentation, Dr. Moffet shares his top 5 lessons learned from 28 years of growing and running a successful dental practice.


This is not just another North American dentist talking about his local experience.


Dr. Moffet shares his global perspective based upon his dental and business experiences both in Australia and world-wide.


These lessons learned both inside and outside of the dental field, when incorporated, will help you grow a stronger, more successful dental practice.

Participants will learn:

  • How to identify and recognise the real reason for the patient to call.
  • The best way to lead the patient away from their question about price.
  • How to recognise that in most cases, most people are more concerned with value, rather than price.
  • How to “romance” the caller into their necessary appointments..
  • Learn the five best things to say to a New Patient Enquiry
  • Learn the three things NEVER to say to New Patient Enquiries.
  • Learn which ads work best and where.
  • Learn how to test and measure the effectiveness of all your advertisements.
  • How to be ahead of the trend and why it’s important.
  • Why it’s essential to look outside of dentistry to see what else is working.
  • Participants will leave with ‘how-to’ ideas that can be implemented immediately.




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