“Show me someone who is liked by everyone, and I’ll show you a failure.”

“You can’t please everyone.”

Never a truer word has been spoken.

Yet so many people try to. They try to do just that.

They try to please everyone.

And it doesn’t work….

Somebody once said to me:

“Show me someone who is liked by everyone, and I’ll show you a failure.”

Truth be told, there’ll always be someone unhappy with what you do or say.



No matter what.

You see, I believe it’s your job, it’s your duty, to come up with the best outcome, with the best result, for you, first and foremost.

To protect your own reputation…..

First and foremost.

And often that decision to do so, to act with personal integrity as your primary driver, well that won’t please everybody…

As a dentist, years ago, when I was beginning my life as a business-owning dentist, I needed to make some tough decisions.

About my Dental Practice.

About the direction I wanted it to go.

If I was to be truly happy in my work environment.

I decided I needed to always be providing the best Dental Care I possibly could provide to all of my clients and customers.

And in so doing that, I was going to offend or upset some.

I was going to upset those customers who just wanted a quick fix.

Those customers who just wanted me to “get them out of trouble”….

Because doing that for them was never going to be a solution.

It was only going to be a temporary solution.

A quick fix.

A quick fix until next time.

And who would know when that time would be?

We’d only know that it would be, that it would happen….

Next time would always come along.

And it would come along when you, as a dentist, least wanted it to, and when it did, it would never have lasted long enough for the patient, no matter how long it did last, because that’s *JUST WHAT HAPPENS!!*

And so nobody is ever happy in that situation.


Least of all the patient….and….

Least of all, you.

What I learned was, that in providing the best option only for the patient, rather than what they thought they wanted, I put the onus of success right back on them.


Because, before, when I compromised their treatment, and let them tell me what they wanted, no matter how long that compromised solution lasted, it was always going to fail and it was never ever ever going to last long enough.

And living life like that, as a provider of healthcare, of health *CARE*, to me, that was no way to be living.

It was no way to run a business…

I can just see the signs….


Somehow that slogan doesn’t cut it for me….

And today, as I coach and consult, it’s the same.

There has to be some *TOUGH LOVE*

There just has to be some tough decisions made.

For progress.

For the right progress.

And for results.

For the right results.

And that’s what a good coach does.

A good coach helps you make the right decisions.

A good coach helps you make the decisions that will give you the best outcomes.

But the path to achieving those outcomes won’t be easy.

But they will be worthwhile.

A firewalker at Common Ground on Sep. 7. Steve Manheim



When I did the firewalk in 1994, I didn’t know what I was doing.

Nor did I know why.

But I’m so glad I did it.

Because the firewalk is a metaphor for life and life’s decisions.

It’s about focusing on the destination.

It’s about focusing on the end result….

And not about the process.

It’s about not worrying about the process, and what could go wrong, if…

It’s about focusing on the feeling of success upon completion…

Every decision that we make must be about achieving the best outcomes.


And in doing that, in achieving those outcomes, there will be people who will be unhappy with the decisions we’ve chosen and made.

But the results of those decisions?

The results of those choices?

The results will be worth it!

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