Simple methods to Dramatically Improve the way that you welcome your clients and patients into your Dental Office.

Today I’m looking forward to sharing with you another MAGICAL MOMENT that you can incorporate into your dental office immediately that will set you aside as being dramatically different from all other dental offices in your area.

These MAGICAL MOMENTS are distinct Points of Difference that you can immediately implement in your office so that your clients and patients will perceive your dental office as *THE* dental office that cares, rather than being seen as just another dentist.

These ideas and concepts are just a few of the simple ideas that I have implemented during my practice of dentistry over the past thirty years that have impacted significantly to separate my office from “other” dentists in Parramatta, in Western Sydney.


Welcoming the customer, client or patient into your office.

Once again, I am surprised at how impersonal other dental offices, and indeed, other health care providers can be, and how badly they make their clients feel when those clients arrive for their designated appointment.

Firstly, I am so often surprised when I have an appointment at the doctors’ office that the front office employees see me as an interruption to her day, rather than seeing me as the arrival of a welcome guest, a long lost friend not seen for quite some time.

The arrival of a patient to your office should always be anticipated and expected by all team members, so that when that client arrives, we can greet them by their name, rather than the client having to identify themselves.

After all, you have the list of invited guests for the day! Use that list to your advantage….

For instance, how impressive would it be if when your new patient arrives for their appointment that they are greeted with a bright smiling face saying “Hello, you must be Mrs. Smith. I’m Janet; I spoke with you on the phone. I’ve been so looking forward to meeting you in person. Welcome to our office. I’m just about to fetch myself a cold drink; would you like one? Please make yourself comfortable.”

In fact, every patient should be anticipated, so that they can be greeted with warmth upon arrival, in much the same way you would greet someone arriving at your home for a dinner party. After all, you know who they are, you know that they are coming and when they are arriving. It really is SIMPLE to change the manner with which you greet your guests at your dental office.

Imagine the regular patient’s amazement when they are greeted upon arrival with “Hi Jeff, great to see you today and thanks for getting here early. How has your day been? I’ll let Dr. Moffet know you are here and while I’m out there, can I bring you a glass of cold water or a cup of tea?”

Another thing that welcomes the client at the Dental Office is making the customer feel like a person. As I said last week, it’s not rocket science! Talk to them! After all, they are human too…. If you want to make the patient feel important then talk to the patient about their favourite topic: themselves!!

As I said, everybody loves to talk about themselves and to people who listen attentively. Patients are always impressed greatly when team members start listening to them. Remember, the patient is buying time from you as well as [dental] procedures. This includes time spent out the front of your office! So, give them centre stage!!

Over the next few Tuesdays, I’ll reveal even more simple changes that you can implement immediately in your office to create MAGICAL MOMENTS that will impact on how your clients and patients perceive your dental office as *THE* dental office that cares.

Remember, if you master these simple changes you will find that your office is well on the way to becoming the standout dental business in your area.

Make these simple changes and you’ll have people out there talking about you, because your office is not like a dentist; it’s different! In fact, it’s not like most other businesses out there!!

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