Six Things You Need To Master To Truly Become World Class In Service! 

I was honoured last week to receive an award at the Secret Service Summit in Cleveland Ohio.

I’m a certified Secret Service Agent.

Twice qualified.

2010 and 2011.

And this year, at the annual Summit I was awarded Agent of the Year for 2015.


It was a humbling experience to be honoured in front of more than 650 attendees whose major goal in business is to exceed customers’ expectations consistently.

I am deeply honoured to be the recipient of this award.

One of the presentations at this prestigious annual two-day summit, by John DiJulius, had attendees asking the question:

“How Do I Make Price Irrelevant?”

And the answer is simple.

According to DiJulius, when your service, when the experience you provide to your customers is of such a high level, your customers have no idea what your competition charges.

Because you are providing an EXPERIENCE that they can only receive from you. They are not purchasing a commodity.

He urged attendees to resist competing on price wars and to rather compete on experience wars.

And This Is Exactly What I Did.

In a working class suburb in Sydney Australia I provided my clients with an experience that was unlike any other Dentist they had ever been to.

In an area where people earned average incomes and drove average cars and lived in average homes.

I was able to provide an exceptional experience that kept clients and customers and patients returning because of the experience.

It can be done.

So long as you back up your product with a world class experience.

Each and every time.

DiJulius pointed out that Starbucks employees used to think the coffee they sold there was too expensive.

Until they realised that they were not selling coffee they were selling an EXPERIENCE.

Starbucks, as you know, is marketed as “your third place”.

It’s not just coffee. It’s the place you go, when you’re not at work or at home.

It’s beyond being about the coffee.

It’s much much more.

And it’s the same at Disney.

As amusement park go, there’s more excitement at other parks than there is at Walt Disney World.

But Disney is not selling rides. They’re selling a total experience.

Disney is selling an experience from the moment you purchase your vacation, to the moment you rebook to return.

It’s not about the rides. It’s about the whole place.

It’s about the Disney Culture.

DiJulius asked how can we be the brand our customers cannot live without?

He said there were six things that transform your brand into being one of those brands that your customers cannot live without.

Great Products or Service

It’s very difficult to become legendary with an inferior product.


Your organisation must have systems in place that make doing business with you a pleasure because the experience is consistently good.

Not haphazard and random.

Ease of Doing Business

Customers should always feel that it is a pleasure to do business with you, and never a chore.

Calling your business and making a purchase or enquiry should always be a welcoming, convenient experience. Customers should never feel that they are an inconvenient interruption.

Educate vs. Sell

Our processes should enable us to inform our clients into making the best decision for them, as opposed to manipulating them into a situation where they feel they’ve been cornered.

Employee Evangelists

Our employees must be dedicated to the cause. They too must believe that our business is the best of its type in town, and that anything else for our customers would indeed be second best. Or worse.

Genuine Hospitality

Our staff must walk the walk. It’s a culture. A way of life. It’s our passion. To be the best we can be.


Always for our customers.

You need to make the process of doing business with you a MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE.

Not vanilla.


And it can be done.

DiJulius pointed out that that we need to create Experiential Interactions.

With consistency.

We need to turn our Dental Offices into a Unique Memorable Moment.

We need to turn a visit to our practice into becoming an EXPERIENCE.

What was once a mundane transaction now becomes a unique memorable moment for our customers and patients.

We must turn all of our Simple Interactions into Experiences.

We must build our experiential moments in our Office and Connect with our customers…..

Because nobody else is!!

The public are willing to exchange dollars for energy.

Are you doing what it takes, at your Dental Office, to stand out above your competitors?


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