Some People Just Don’t Want To Be Better

A married couple that I know really well have been renovating their home

And while their home has been under construction, they have needed to find alternative accommodation.

Interestingly, they’ve chanced upon the opportunity of housesitting, which is really a polite term for pet-sitting.

What that means is that this couple get the opportunity to live in other peoples’ homes while those people are away, on the proviso that this couple look after the home owners’ pets during that time.


Which is a fair trade off.

Because, this couple has worked out that with a reno, and with the weather, and with COVID lockdowns, and with material shortages, their home completion date has been something that neither they, nor the builder have been able to accurately estimate.

And that fact has really made it hard for this couple to go rent somewhere.

Housesitting is a very broad term with variable definitions

This couple has found that some home owners have left their homes in excellent conditions for the house-sitters while they [the home owners] have been away.

That means clean, and tidy, with room in the fridge and in the pantry for the house sitter’s foods, as well as room in the wardrobe for the house sitter to hang their clothes.

At the other end of the spectrum, this couple has stayed in homes where there’s been zero available wardrobe space left for them, and in one case, they said there had been very little attempt made by the home owners to even bother to tidy up before they left for their vacation.

Similarly, the ability of some home owners to leave clear typed instructions on pet feeding habits, wi-fi, and when garbage night is has at times been questionable.

On the other hand, occasionally some homeowners have even recommended local restaurants and cafes for the couple.

What’s your point, David?

My point is, that different people have different definitions of clean.

And different people have different definitions of clear instructions.

In the same way…

Different dentists may give the same mouth that they look at different treatment plans, depending on those dentists’ levels of skill and their individual abilities to diagnose [and treat] various conditions.

It’s exactly the same with businesses…

Some business owners will think that they own a red-hot business, when in reality, there’s a competitor’s business close by that’s really hitting it way out of the park.

And the first guy has no idea that that is actually happening.

And the first guy’s perception is not the true reality.

I have told you the story before about how that way back when, the renowned dental practice two doors down the road from mine was being put on the market because the two owners were ready to retire.

At that same time, I felt that my dental practice was underperforming, and could have been doing better.

When I went to chat with my neighbours about their practice, they told me that one of them was doing an annual production that was actually only half of my own “underperforming” production.

And the other partner was doing a production that was a quarter of my production.

Between the two of them, they were only hitting the 75% mark of the annual production that I was doing on my own… and I was still underperforming.

I talk to plenty of dentists…

I talk to plenty of dentists whose practice performances could be better, if only they’d put their egos in their pockets, and get out of their own ways.

In the same way that everybody can have a super-clean and super-tidy house, every business owner can have a super-productive business…

It just means reaching out and finding how.

Business owners just have to want it.

In reality…

People who live in untidy houses do so because they choose not to want to live in a cleaner house.

When a cleaner house is achievable.

People who own underperforming businesses choose to own them, even though owning a more productive and profitable business is achievable.

Some people just don’t want BETTER bad enough.

That’s all….


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