Sometimes These Little Things Make The Big Differences.

Last month my wife and I travelled around the UK.

Well England, actually.

And we stayed in eleven different accommodations over the fourteen nights we visited.

One of the things that really stood out for us was at one small boutique hotel that we stayed at.

It was only small, but to us, in customer service, it was an incredible point of difference….

Now, to frame this up, remember that most accommodations do not have undercover parking for guests.

In fact, some accommodations had no parking at all, and so street parking was the only alternative.


However, at Congham Hall where we stayed in Grimston in Norfolk, which did have on site parking, we were greeted with the following note on our driver’s window on the morning of our departure:

“Happiness is a Clean Windscreen.
You found it at Congham Hall.”

Now this got us thinking…

How many other hotels on our trip were bothering to do something like this?

Not many!

And how easy was it to do?

Very, very easy.

How much do you think that this exercise cost Congham Hall?

Not very much at all…..

And there in lies the answer.

Something like cleaning windscreens for your customers is easy to do, but it’s also easy not to do.

And by doing it, how many guests would have left Congham Hall with a feeling of warm fuzzies, as opposed to a feeling of not much at all?

Because not much at all is what they get dished up everywhere else….

So what does something like this mean to you and your dental practice?

Well, that’s simple.

How can you at your office find things to do for your valued customers and patients that will leave those customers saying:


As opposed to saying nothing at all.

Or thinking something worse, like:

“Is that all there is for what we are paying?”

Because if that’s what your customers are thinking, it means that your business could be skating on very thin ice.

Because it’s only going to take something small being offered up by one of your competitors and some of those customers you thought would never change dentists will actually do so.

So what could you do?

Firstly, what can you do for your patients that other dentists simply are not thinking of?

Why not get your team brainstorming this thought?

If your Dental Office has a patient parking facility, could you clean the windscreens on their cars as a service to them, so they can drive away from your office with that “Just Cleaned By The Dentist Feeling” on their windscreen?

What about inside your office?

While your patients are being treated, why not offer to charge their devices for them?

Or how about complimentary Wi-Fi access for your patients?

After all, you’ve got the Wi-Fi. Why not offer it to your patients?

If its good enough for Starbucks, Westfields and Maccas to do it, then why not you?

How about complimentary lens cleaning on your patients’ spectacles and sunglasses?

No other dentist is doing it, so why shouldn’t you?

I know of Dental Offices where patients receive complimentary hand massages and paraffin applications.

The thing is, it doesn’t take much to stand out from the crowd…

Because most dental offices, and most businesses for that matter are simply marking time and going through the motions, it’s very easy to create multiple points of difference for your office compared to theirs.

And thinking out those points of difference is easy.

Putting those ideas you come up with into action, and keeping to those plans?

Well that’s where the rubber meets the road….


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