Sometimes You Have To Do What You Have To Do….

Sometimes in business you have to do what you have to do….

And I don’t mean doing unethical or illegal things.

I mean doing what you have to do.

If you do not do what you have to do when you have to do it, then you miss the boat.

It sails away.


While you’re kissing babies the train leaves.

And you’re left holding the baby.

Holding a baby won’t put food on your plate.

Sometimes you need to let the baby go.

It’s simple…

To have the things you don’t have now, but you want, then sometimes you need to stretch into the uncomfortable zone.

If everything in life came from a position of comfort, then everybody would have everything they want.

But they do not.

Those who have more have made the tough decisions.

They’ve chosen to go without now, so they can have more later on.

They’ve chosen to do the hard yards now, so that they can have a more relaxed way of life later down the track.

If everything that we want was easy to acquire, then we’d all have what we need.

But we don’t have it?

Asking is one thing.

Getting is another thing.

When you know what you want, with laser FOCUS, you will go and get it.

But when you do not know what you want, all you know is that you don’t want others having more than you’ve got…

Greed without action is selfish.

Greed with action…. well that’s acquisition.

If you know what you want go and get it.

But don’t think that just because you do not know, that that entitles you to burst other people’s balloons.

I’ve seen too many people give up on their goals for no other reason than the fact that giving up is easier.

And when they give up, they try to make everyone else who does not give up feel bad for continuing their mission.

And that stinks.

We all hated the kid who owned the cricket set and took it home mid afternoon, just because he could not play cricket well…

Life’s like that.

There will always be those who rain on your parade…. because they have no parade of their own.

Break free from these miserable souls.

Let them have their pity parties.

Life is short.

Grasp it.

Win it.

But do not ever say:

“I wish I had…..”


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