Strike Me Pink. I Can’t Believe I Just Heard Someone Say This…

On Friday last week I heard someone say:

“I can’t believe that Monday is going to be the first day of Winter.”

Oh. My. Goodness.

Does this person not own a calendar?

And do they never ever look at it?

As far as I’m aware, June 1 in Australia is the “official” first day of winter…

Each and every year.

And has been for as long as I can remember.

So this means, that from June 2 each year onwards, we’ve all got a WHOLE YEAR to prepare for the next coming of the first day of winter.

Comments like this one that I just heard are really quite banal and are in fact a waste of oxygen.

When someone says this to you, this is how you should answer them:

  1. Grit your front teeth together and try to make it look like a smile.
  2. While you are gritting your teeth refrain from telling the person that June 1 has followed May 31 each and every year since time began.
  3. Instead, ask them this:“Sounds as though you’ve been really busy, Bob. What have you been up to?”
  4. Allow Bob to answer with his comment about himself and his own activities, and keep the conversation on Bob and his activities.This avoids the inevitable failure of two people sinking down a very deep rabbit hole while talking about how quickly the year “appears” to have gone.

Actually, because time is a constant, years and months do not pass quickly or drag slowly.

Remember, a conversation with a patient will be far more memorable and impactful to the patient if we can redirect the subject of that conversation to something to do with the patient.

Conversations about things that we can never change, like the speed of time, or the weather, are simply fluff, and a waste of time.

Whenever fluff topics are raised, a skillful conversationalist will easily segway the dialogue away from the fluff and back towards the person they are speaking with.

And that person, once they are speaking about themselves, will now believe that they are talking with a very interesting person.

Because to be interesting, you need to be INTERESTED.


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