Stupid Is As Stupid Does….

I often wonder at the stupidity of things that some people do and say.

Could you imagine trying to row across the Pacific from Sydney to Los Angeles?

Or walk from San Francisco to Boston?


Yeah, sure, you could do both, and sure you’d get there eventually, but wouldn’t it be simpler to just take a plane?

I was talking with a dentist this week about improving his practice and he said to me that he preferred to do it on his own because as long as he was making progress then that was OK…

But at what pace?

Because in reality, with help and accountability to someone thrown in, for a small fee the results and rewards would be a lot lot larger and he’d arrive a lot lot sooner at where he wanted to go.

And isn’t that more desirable?

Who wants to create unnecessary missed opportunities?

Don’t some people see that??

What the heck is wrong with them?

I guess while ever there are dentists who think like this then they’re the kind of dentist who invites a progressive thinking dental practice to set up right beside them.

Just think about it…

If you found a slot machine at the casino that gave you back two dollars every time you put one dollar into it, without fail, how many dollars would you put into that little puppy?

As many dollars as you could darn well find!!

And when would you stop doing this?

Probably never!!

But when I tell dentists that I can, and have given dental practices advice that has resulted in their collections improving by not twice my fee but *TWENTY FIVE TIMES* my monthly fee, I get the brain dead response that they’d rather keep doing what they’re doing on their own.

Even if I got your practice improving by three times my fee, wouldn’t that be a great result?

We know that it takes years of doing the wrong things for your practice to get into the state its in now.

And so it can take a little time to turn the draught horse around and back into a racehorse….

I know there are so many simple little things that dental practices can do that will increase collections and drive up profitability….

It’s just a matter of knowing which ones to do and in which order and at which frequency.

And this is where a coach provides invaluable advice.

I’ve seen people at the gym who train without advice and who never receive the best results.

Yet those who are committed to the advice of a personal trainer with a system will arrive at the body they desire and the level of fitness they desire.

A lot quicker than those who try to do it on their own.

In fact the majority of those who try to get fit on their own usually arrive at the same destination…

*And that’s on THE COUCH!!*

And not the body they desire.

And why wouldn’t a dental practice be any different?

This week I met a dentist who said that his practice each month for twenty-five years had only made him enough money for a very modest lifestyle, and that he had ZERO money for retirement or even for re-investment back into his practice.

He told me that the practice income had been inadequate to sustain a wife and children and had been a direct cause of his divorce.

And I so so hate sad stories like this because after seven or eight years of dental school and on top of investing in building or buying a dental practice as well, I believe that all dentists deserve a decent ROI or return on their time and money investment rather than to simply end up as society’s doormat.

“Physician, heal thyself!”

Only when we are in a state of financial health with our practice and ourselves are we truly in a position to be able to truly help others in a better way.

We need to think *Abundance*.

We need to think that there is plenty there for everyone and that there is not scarcity.

We need to think that when we trust the theory of Abundance, then not only will riches and benefits flow to us, but they will flow to our profession.

Omer Reed said that ninety five percent of dentists are not able to afford to retire at the age of sixty-five because they have not reached financial independence.

It’s my belief that those dentists in that situation have not had a plan and a coach and a mentor to be accountable to.

They’ve done it on their own.

And that’s why they end up where they end up…

Walking or running across the country is OK if you’re Forest Gump.

But for a lot of us, that act seemed pointless..

We could all do with some help with our golf, with our piano playing, with our learning to cook, with our fitness…

It makes sense to seek help doing these things, rather than trying to stumble on blindly, just “hoping” things will work out with our score, with our music, with our food and with our bodies…

Why not seek help with our businesses?


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