Success Leaves Clues

The big difference between a profitable business and a business that just gets by, is that the profitable business has systems, and processes, and accountability.

Whereas the business that just gets by, simply gets by by winging it, and by making things up as it goes along.

Have you ever noticed that some people live their lives in this exact same way?

Some people are methodical in their routine of life…

They have:

  • Exercise routines. They exercise regularly.
  • Saving routines. They put money away in a savings plan on a weekly basis.
  • Relationship routines. As couples, they have a regular weekly “date night”.


They become creatures of habit, for their own good.

And they keep themselves accountable.

Other people tend to stumble from one disaster to the next.

These people have no accountability.


  • Never check their tyres, and their engine oil.
  • They run low on, or run out of milk, and bread, and essential groceries.
  • They have a washing basket full of unironed clothes.
  • They rarely make their bed.
  • They live from pay check to pay check…. They have no savings.


If you want to be successful, all you need to do is find someone else who has been successful, or is successful, and do what that person did, or does.

Life is that simple.

You don’t need to reinvent success. There’s plenty of success out there to duplicate and make your own.

In life, and in business, there are clues.

And there is evidence.

Find these people. And talk to them.

Buy their books. And read them.

It’s not difficult.

Successful people are always happy to be acknowledged and recognised for what they’ve done, and achieved.

Learn from them. Laud them. Thank them.

Be grateful for the lessons.

And take action.

Don’t just only read it. Don’t just only listen.

Success is yours for the taking.

Do it.

Live it.

Accomplish it.

Achieve it.

Own it.


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