Team Unity. Real Or Not Real?

One of the interesting things that sometimes pops up from time to time in dental offices across the world is the situation when a lack of unity exists between teams and team members in those dental offices.

It is sad to see this when it occurs.

Lack of harmonious team unity is something that is not exclusive to dental offices.

Whenever any organisation begins to expand, there will always be cohesion issues between the various component parts of that organisation.

You know the types of discussions that occur in dental offices?

The front and the back don’t get on

There is always a point of difference of opinion between those who work up front in a dental office and those who work down back as to whether one sub-team works harder than the other, and which sub-team is the most important when it comes to being the backbone or the spine of the dental office.

Because after all, if it wasn’t for the efforts of the front office team there would be no patients in the schedule for the back office people to see?

And of course, if the back office people did not treat the patients well then the front office team would have a devil of a time getting those patients seen down back to schedule for any further ongoing treatment.

Who is correct?


Or both?

The importance of hygiene

Of course, if it were not for the hygienist being there the dentist would have to be cleaning teeth and we know that he can never do as good a job as the hygienist?

Or should the hygienist be more appreciative that the dental office is so so popular that the dentist has so many wonderful patients returning for hygiene visits?

The role of hygiene

Should the hygienist be pre-identifying dental restorative issues in their patients and bringing those issues to the attention of the patient and the dentist?

Or is the hygienist purely periodontally-focused only?

Should the hygienist help in scheduling the hygiene patients?

Or is that a front of office duty?

If the hygienist [or the dentist for that matter] has time should they help with set-ups and steri?

“That’s the Dental Assistants’ Role…”

This is not a pleasant phrase to hear uttered in a dental office.

Nor is the reverse of this welcome:

“That’s the Receptionists’ Job…”

Who fixes broken windows?

A piece of trash lies by the entrance to the front door of your dental office….who should pick up this trash?

An empty cup and saucer have been left in the client lounge area beside an untidy stack of magazines…who should tidy that area?

A picture in the hallway hangs crooked?

Someone has left a black scuff mark on the floor in the hallway….

The coat collar of an elderly patient is folded over the wrong way…

The departing patient has some prophy paste on their face…

“But that’s not my job…”

Whose job is it then?

Working together as a team is everybody’s job.

In a team it has to be “One for all and all for one.”

There can be no us and them.

There can be no “But that’s not my job”.

What there must be is harmony and positive mental attitude.

As an employee of your business ask yourself this:

“What can I do in this situation to improve it?”

For our business. To make it look better and perform better.

To assist and help my co-worker.

To impress my customer. Both present and future.

We’re in this together.

Let’s behave that way.


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