The #1 Reason For Always Providing A World Class Customer Experience

The thing about offering and giving great customer service is that it attracts people who want and appreciate that increased level of service.

And the continual giving of world class customer service retains those customers, far more of those customers, who appreciate the difference that exists between World Class Service and every other type of service.

So it makes sense that providing a better type of service, a World Class Experience, in your Dental Business will result in more people wanting to become your customer and also remain your customer.

And so your Dental Office becomes busier.

With more satisfied clients.

And your business grows.

You end up creating a group of clients or patients who gravitate with each other towards you and your office.


What’s fascinating about these patients is that they truly do care more about their teeth and the health of their mouths.

And they are happy to pay a little more to be able to receive dentistry in the more pleasant environment that you have created.

However, the converse is also true.

When your customers pay less, and compare you by price with other dentists, then you lose that perceived differential.

When your clients pay less than they could, and are choosing your Dental Office on price more than service, then what we see across the board is that there will be a higher percentage of patients in that office who don’t care so much for their teeth, compared to a higher fee Office.

And over time that higher percentage that care less will have an effect and an influence over the smaller percentage who do care, and those who do care will slowly start peeling off and going elsewhere.


And again, the opposite will also happen….

As your fees increase, your practice will lose some patients.

A small percentage.

But what you will find is that you will lose those patients that walk in with bullet hole cavities throughout their back teeth.

You know the ones?

You won’t see nearly so many of those patients with that serious neglect that goes with those teeth “that got away”.

Because those people who neglect have been buying the cheapest form of dentistry out there….

No dentistry.

For years.

And as a differential, they’ll have no scale, no barometer, no measure, of what great service in dentistry is, and what great service should be.

Their only measure will be price.

Our best bet, when these dental Bedouins arrive in our office, is to wow them and win them over with our World Class Service.
But that’s a very tough ask.

Because they’ll only really remark how much things have really changed since they were last at the dentist.

What’s easier is winning over those new patients who were not able to get in where they usually go, but who you’ve been able to place into your book and spend time with because your office always leaves time each day for exactly this type of appointment.

Because straight away these will be the people who appreciate the service from the moment your office answered their call.

Because that’s just how it is at your office…

It’s truly World Class.

It’s truly, an Experience.

It’s an Ultimate Experience….

And you know it….it’s really nice treating people who really do care about their teeth….


The Ultimate Patient Experience is a simple easy to implement system that I developed that allowed me to build an extraordinary dental office in an ordinary Sydney suburb.  If you’d like to know more, ask me about my free special report.

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