The Answer Is Usually In The Mirror…

My blog article a couple of weeks ago about selling cheap parachutes and offering “supervised neglect” drew some interesting criticisms and comments.

Criticisms that I found disappointing because the article was published as a WHOLE, and not as a collection of individual unrelated words, or phrases, or sentences.

I’m not sure whether any or many of you have had the DISPLEASURE of being in a courtroom in front of lawyers and barristers, or a kangaroo court of would-be barristers?

It can be quite unpleasant when those asking the questions start asking the meaning or intention of certain words or phrases you have said or written, when they know full well exactly what you have meant as a whole.… the urge to GO TAKE A SHOWER as quickly as possible becomes your number one priority.

It’s been said by others who are more clever than me, that if dentists had to form a firing squad they’d line up in a circle…

For those who don’t have time to re-read my whole article…

For those who don’t have time to re-read my whole article, there were six underlined and bolded sub-headings in the article, and the intention of the article is best summed up by simply reading the fifth sub-heading, followed by the sixth sub-heading:

“You should always be offering your patients the best treatment.”


“Don’t let patients talk you into giving them a treatment that is not in their best interests.”

Followed by the second last sentence:

To be truly honourable to your patients you must learn to get out of your own way and learn how to ethically offer your patients best treatment always.”

If this is not happening…

Dentists, if you are failing to offer each patient only the best possible treatment, you are actually participating in supervised neglect.

And if the reason you are not offering the patient the best treatment is because of your fear of them rejecting you, and “not liking you” and them “thinking that you are pushy”, then you need to get out of your own way and learn how to deliver them the important message about their best treatment.

If you believe that your dental treatment is the best care that they will ever receive and will be in their best interests to have, then it is your moral obligation to do everything in your power to ensure that the patient goes ahead with your recommendations.

If they fail to proceed with your treatment recommendations then you have let your patient down…

If for some crazy reason you believe that it’s OK to offer the patient up some second-rate or third-rate treatment alternative just to appease your own personal and social inadequacies so that they still “like you”, well you’re simply operating in your own little world of delusion.

You need to do this:

You need to stand in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eye, and tell yourself to get out of your patients’ wallets, and into their mouths, and fix what needs to be fixed in the best way possible.

From this day forth.

Because your job is to give them TOTAL ORAL HEALTH.

And nothing less.

Tell them what is wrong.

Tell them what the best thing to do is [to solve their problem].

And schedule them in to have that treatment done.


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