The Answers To Running A Successful Business Are Right Out There Before Your Very Eyes.

The answers to running a successful business are right out there before your very eyes.

It is said that if you have a business that’s not meeting your expectations then the chances are you haven’t found the right answers yet.

Well that’s wrong.

The answer is that you’ve probably heard the information you need to create a successful business.

You may have even heard the information and written it down.

Your problem is that you most probably haven’t taken the *ACTION* you need to take to create that success you are wanting.

In fact, you may not have ever done anything that might have moved you one millimetre towards improving your business.

You see, that’s because thought without action is useless.

Thinking about doing something, and yet not doing anything at all, well that’s a waste of time.

You may as well think nothing at all, or think about fluff.

It is only through action and the right action that we will achieve greatness.

Some people are concerned that their action may take them in the wrong direction.

And that could be true.

“I don’t want to do anything in case I do something wrong….”

But if the action takes you in the wrong direction it’s a lot easier to turn around and change direction than it is to try to start again from stationary.

You must take action.

A friend of mine once told me at one of my presentations:

”David, we’ve heard ninety five percent of this before. The problem is we’re not doing most of it”.

And that’s it.


Failing to act is leading us to failure.

It’s stopping us dead in our tracks.

We know we should….

And then we pause.

We hesitate.

And then it’s gone.

The moment to begin has passed…

And we settle back into the same-same routine.

That routine that hasn’t worked.

That isn’t working.

That isn’t working as best it could….

If you had money in the bank, would you just leave it sit at whatever interest rate the bank gave you?

Or would you see if maybe you could move it to a better interest rate somewhere else?

Of course you’d move it!
Because leaving it just where it is is costing you money.

Yet that’s what you’re doing with your business!

You’re leaving it just where it is….
And its’ costing you money.

So what should you do?

Of course, you need to take action.

Firstly, make a plan.

Where do you want your business to go?

In ten years?

In five years?

In two years?

In one year?

Write it down, and chunk it down into pieces.

A lily that doubles its size every day is only covering half the pond the day before it reaches its goal.

And it’s covering a lot less of the pond in the early days.

Little things done now result in big things later on.

But nothing done now results in big losses later on.

Secondly, work out what you need to do to reach those destinations you are looking for?

If you want a one million dollar a year of collections, what do you have to do on a monthly, on a weekly and on a daily basis to achieve that income goal?

When you chunk it down into daily and even hourly goals achieving the big numbers becomes less and less of an issue.

You just need to maintain your consistency and persistence once you know exactly what you need to do.

And that’s the third thing: Consistency.

Doing the right things on a regular basis is what gets you from A to B.

Not hope.

Hope will not.

Not wishing.

Wishing will not.

Not dreaming.

Dreaming will not.

But action.

Taking action will.

Last Sunday, as I was walking from my car to the football ground, I passed three people who were walking a little slower.

And as I passed them, I overheard one say to one of the others that he was so going to win the lotto, as a solution to his problems.

And one of the others then remarked that that was also her father’s plan as well.

Which means that they both did not really have a plan, except hope.

And hope sucks.

As a plan, it’s pretty useless.

Small incremental savings would go a long way towards helping these people a lot more than hoping for a lotto win.

What’s your plan?

Is it to simply “hope” that things will fall into place?

Or do you have a serious Action plan?

You need to be taking action.

Regular consistent action.

Get moving.

The highways of the world are littered with the remains of stationary animals that failed to get moving.

“The truth is there are no secrets to success … just books you have not read yet …” – Brad Sugars.

And acted upon, Brad.

Action is the key.

Take action.


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