The Best Way To Transition From One Business Owner To Another, When Buying A Dental Practice.

I remember fifteen years ago when I purchased a nearby dental practice to be a “branch” practice, I thought it might be a good idea to place a sign out the front of that business that read:


But I was advised not to….

The reason I thought it might have been a good idea was that I thought it might attract BACK those customers or patients who had left that practice because of the poor people skills of the previous owner.

And that’s a valid reason.

But it’s not a very good reason.

You see, all that a sign like that does is highlight to the general population that for some reason or another there was a previous problem with this business, and now you’re going to fix it.

But maybe nobody out there really knew that there had been a previous issue….

The other thing a sign like that manages to do is that it alerts those “loyal customers” of the previous business owner that a change is occurring.

Which may or may not be a good thing.

Many years ago I used to travel across town on a regular basis to have my hair cut.

On one visit, the salon owner told me that he was going to be relocating and then selling his salon, as a result of renovations that his landlord had planned for his location.

And so I decided that this was a good time for me to find a hairdresser closer to where I was living and working, and one that was going to be more convenient for me, rather than travelling all the way across town.

Years later I bumped in to someone who told me that my hairdresser across town had never sold up, as he had mentioned.

And so, if I had stayed loyal to that business and had not acted to separate myself based on chatter, rather than on fact, I might still have been a client of that salon.

Who was to know…

Ultimately, the best way to inform loyal customers is not to place a sign, but rather to write a sincere letter from the vendor, letting his patients know that he had decided to sell and move on. This letter would serve the purpose of being a personal introduction of the new owner, from the vendor.

Accompanying this letter should be a short letter from the purchaser, acknowledging the sale, and the opportunity, with sincere thanks.

And that would make for smooth sailing…


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