The Easy Path Never Delivers The Best Result

Last weekend Jayne and I travelled interstate for a night away.

As is usual and customary with us is that when we travel we do like to dine out and enjoy nice restaurants.

And this weekend was no exception.

We chose a great restaurant with great food and a good wine list, and I’m very pleased to say that the food was superb and the wine we chose was an exceptionally good find.

Our waiter and our sommelier were also very friendly and knowledgeable.

But there was one very interesting behaviour that we observed throughout the night that really made no logical sense at all.

Here’s what happened…

Our sommelier who brought our wine to our table remarked on what an excellent wine we had chosen, and what a rare wine that was. He suggested that we decant the wine into a carafe so that we could really EXPERIENCE the full flavour of the wine throughout the evening, and we accepted his recommendation.

Our sommelier decanted the wine and then returned with the carafe and poured the wine into our glasses.

When these glasses started to get low, our waiter then came over and toped up the glasses, but sadly, as a wine waiter, that was the last time we saw him.

From that moment on until the end of the evening, whenever Jayne and I needed our wine glasses refilled it was up to me to do the refilling.

I found this a little bizarre for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, if the wine was so good and so expensive that it was best enjoyed from a carafe, then it would have been better enjoyed by us if the pouring of the wine was performed by the restaurant staff rather than making it a DIY situation for us.

Especially as the wine came at a relatively premium price tag.

Secondly, and even more ridiculously, the two women dining at the table beside us who had not purchased a bottle of wine and were simply drinking free tap water from a cheap carafe were getting their water glasses replenished on numerous occasions throughout the evening.

To me it just seemed to be back to front servicing.

The wait staff were waiting on the people who were underpaying, while those who were obviously paying a premium for their beverage were left to self-serve.

This concept of back to front servicing is not unique to restaurants…

In dental practices, I’ve watched dentists spend too much time on procedures that don’t last as long and won’t last as long as other procedures, that could be done in less time and give greater longevity…

But the procedures that last longer usually come with a required higher level of financial investment from the patient….

And although the better treatment is more expensive, it is better for the patient than the cheaper treatment, but the dentist ignores and avoids the opportunity of presenting BEST PRACTICE to the patient for some reason. Usually that reason is a “ghostly” reason that the dentist imagines, thinking that the patient may not be able to afford it [so I won’t ask], or that the patient may feel that the dentist is being too “salesy” if he recommends something more expensive [despite that something being superior in quality and longevity].

Sometimes we really need to look at where we are focussing our energies.

Actually, we always need to be looking at where we are focussing our energies.

Are we offering best outcomes always?

And are we serving those who choose the better way in a manner deserving of their investment?


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