The Eleven Inevitable Criteria of Success

A post came across my desk last month that I know I need to share with you my readers.

The post was a list of criteria, or conditions that business owners will experience as they journey along the pathway of life.

How you respond as a dental business owner determines your level of success at the completion of your journey.

1. You Will Feel Pain.

“Life wasn’t meant to be easy”

as former Australian Prime minister Malcolm Fraser once said.

And he was correct.

The path to success is littered with failures of people who thought that success comes easily.

It does not.

There are trials and tribulations along the way.

It is how we deal with these speedhumps on the road of life that determines our level of success.

There will always be ups, and downs.

Learn to learn from the downs.

And move on from them quickly.

2. You Will Cry Before You Get It.

Some of the downs will be traumatic.

And gut wrenching.

These are the true tests that are sent to try us.

If you thought the painful things were bad, then just wait for the truly emotional tests.

They will be there.

3. You Will Lose Friends.

This is inevitable.

There are two reasons for you losing friends.

The first is that some of your friends will not like the idea of you being successful. They will do their utmost to discourage your endeavours.

You must move on from these people.

Surround yourself with only those who support you.

The second reason you lose friends is that some of your friends decide that they cannot adjust to the difference in you as you become successful.

Which is odd.

History is littered with long standing friendships between “so called stars” and ordinary folk, that have stood the test of time.

If some of your friends feel that they want to stand aside, it is probably for the best.

Let them make the call.

4. Your family will discourage you.

For all of the reasons mentioned above in point three, you will also have family members who will try to save you from being successful.

They don’t know any better.

Sadly, it is their fear that you will discard them that drives them towards this behaviour.

If they truly trusted their relationship with you, they would know that blood is thicker than water, and that family comes first.

Success does not change those who truly practice family values and support the unity of family.

5. People Will Hate You For No Reason.

Well, possibly it will appear that they will hate you for no reason.

But the main reason this phenomenon does happen is because most people are fearful of change, and of power.

And your new success comes with a lot of change, and also comes with some acquired authority to you.

And that will threaten some people.

Just move on from these people.

Sadly it is the change they see happening to you that threatens them.

6. You Will Almost Talk Yourself Out Of It a Hundred Times.

Self-doubt is common.It is the true achievers who power through the incidences of self-doubt who achieve the true successes they deserve.

Learning to manage any negative self-talk is an important selective criterion that determines true success.

Success comes to those who plan for success.

Part of that planning is knowing when to dismiss the negative self-talk.

Thank you for indulging me in these first six inevitable criteria of success. I’ll cover the final five criteria for achieving that success in next Friday’s blog post.


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