The Eleven Inevitable Criteria of Success. Part II

Last week I posted an article outlining the first six inevitable criteria of success, according to an email I received, and my slant on how these criteria relate to the business of owning a dental practice.

The post was a list of criteria, or conditions that business owners will experience as they journey along the pathway of life.

Here are the first six criteria:

1. You Will Feel Pain.

2. You Will Cry Before You Get It.

3. You Will Lose Friends.

4. Your family will discourage you.

5. People Will Hate You For No Reason.

6. You Will Almost Talk Yourself Out Of It a Hundred Times.

If you’d like to understand these criteria in detail, then read last week’s article here.

7. You Will Doubt Yourself Thousands Of Times.

Much like point six last week, there will be times, many times, when you will believe that you are making a wrong decision, and that you should not be venturing out past the security of employment, which is risk free.

Sadly, the entertainment of thoughts like those is what kills the aspirations of many great would-be achievers.

If only they had the cohunas to follow through with their original thoughts and aspirations.

This is a filter.

Don’t let self doubt position you on the wrong side of the filter.

8. You Will Think You Are Going Crazy.

Your thoughts of self doubt will have you questioning your own sanity.

“How did I ever allow myself to be talked into such a hair brained scheme?”

“Whatever was I thinking?”

“I’m too young to be putting this all on the line…”

Know that there are quantifiable rewards for those who stretch the envelope.

And those rewards are definitely worthwhile.

9. You Will Develop Weird Habits.

Some of the things that you do will appear a little obtuse to others who do not know you.

But that doesn’t bother us.

Successful entrepreneurs know that they themselves can become eccentric, or quirky, in behaviour.

It goes with the territory.

These strange characteristics are sometimes what makes the journey to success worthwhile.

They are worthwhile acquirements that define us.

10. You Will Lose Money.

This is a fact of business life.

The aim is to make more successful decisions than unsuccessful decisions.

And successful entrepreneurs know this, and they are OK with it.

They know the numbers.


If it wasn’t worth it, then nobody would bother.

And because people do bother, and they do achieve, we are able to follow in their footsteps and achieve our own successes.

Success leaves clues.

And success is so, so worth it!


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