The Five Essential Numbers You Need To Be Measuring In Your Dental Practice In 2021

Happy New Year!

Here are the Five Essential Numbers I’d be tracking and measuring in my dental practice as we start into the exciting new year of 2021.

And after all, after we say goodbye to 2020, it really is a case of:

“Well, it can’t get any worse, can it?”

So why not get off to a great start in 2021?

1. Daily, weekly, and monthly productions and collections

What we are looking for here is consistency and improvement.

Nobody likes to work their tail off and not be paid for their efforts.

Are you collecting each day for the dentistry you are producing?

Are your days producing an even cash flow, each and every day, that allows you to predictably forecast your dental practice earnings in advance, on a consistent basis?

Do you know what you WILL produce each day, or do you only know at the end of the day what you DID produce?

And if not, why not?

2. Number of phone calls coming in to your dental practice?

How many phone calls are coming in to your dental practice each day?

How many of those calls are new patients calling to make an enquiry or an appointment?

How many of those calls result in a made and kept appointment?

How many existing patients are calling to make an appointment?

How many patients with appointments are calling to reschedule or cancel those existing appointments?

What are these numbers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?

And which of your staff members are better at scheduling appointments?

And which of your staff members are allowing patients with treatment booked to cancel or reschedule at will?

3. Are all patients being seen each day leaving with their next appointment being made for them?

And if not, why not?

And who on our team is allowing patients to leave without their next appointment being made?

I want to see a list each day of every patient who leaves without a made and scheduled appointment.

And the shorter the list, the better….

4. Where are my New Patients Coming From?

Each and every new patient has found out about our practice by either our external marketing, or by referral from one of our patients or our friends.

We need to know each and every source.

5. How much treatment are we diagnosing in the practice each and every day?

If we do the dentistry, we need to be doing more dentistry.

Each day our dental practice needs to diagnose and present dental treatment to our patients that is equal or greater in amount than the dentistry we are doing each day, otherwise our dental practice will become insolvent.


If you measure these five metrics each and every day, you’ll go a long way towards building the dental practice of your dreams in 2021….


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