The Hidden Benefits Of Always Providing World Class Customer Service To Your Customers

One of the big benefits of giving World Class Customer Service to your customers as much as you possibly can is that it helps to make your business stand out from the crowd when compared to all the other businesses around you [your competitors] who are just doing as little as possible to get results for their business that just manage to keep their businesses afloat….

When your employees are continually wowing your customers and surprising them with Magical Moments that they would never have expected, you lift your business up in the eyes of your customers to a level where they perceive your business to be truly World Class.

This is based on the fact that the Five Star Above and Beyond moments that your employees are delivering to your customers are totally unexpected, but are valued and welcomed and appreciated.

Let me tell you about last weekend…

Last weekend Jayne and I flew to Brisbane to do some coaching for some of our clients.

We had booked at a hotel that was different from where we had often stayed previously in Brisbane, and we decided to do that because we felt that the hotel where we had stayed many times before was just feeling “a little tired” in our eyes.

On this weekend I booked three nights at the Emporium Hotel in Southbank. We had stayed at the Emporium Hotel when it had previously been located in Fortitude Valley, but the Southbank site was a new building that the Hotel had relocated to.

On the Thursday when we arrived, the porter who took our luggage from the car recommended a couple of the bars and facilities in the Hotel that we should visit during our stay, as he escorted us to the check-in desk.

After checking in we headed up to our floor to be greeted outside our room by Matthew who had just delivered our luggage to our room. We were surprised to find that our luggage had arrived in our room before we did.

Matthew asked if we would like him to explain any of the features of our room, and because this was our first visit to the hotel, we accepted his generous offer to explain the workings of the TV, the lights, and the coffee machine.

And then, after doing all that, Matthew said this:

“And if there’s anything else I can help you with, please contact me. I’m happy to help.”

Fifteen minutes later, after Mathew left us, there was a knock on our hotel room door….

It was Matthew.

In his hands was an ice bucket with a bottle of Champagne and two champagne flutes.

Matthew said this:

“The hotel allows me to gift champagne to guests when I feel like it, and so this champagne is on me.”

We were very ingratiated.

Jayne and I had plans of going out and grabbing a quick bite to eat, but with the arrival of the champagne we decided to enjoy a light room service lunch instead, before heading out to do what we had planned.

On our way out we saw Matthew in the foyer and we thanked him for his kindness and his generosity.

On the Friday night…

We bumped into Matthew on the Friday night after returning from watching a sporting event at Suncorp Stadium.

Matthew told us that he’d been up to Suncorp Stadium dropping off a hotel guest, and that the hotel had a luxury vehicle “arrangement” for guests to enjoy, for travel within a six kilometre radius of the hotel. Matthew rattled off a few locations, one of which was where Jayne and I were going to be dining the next night.

Matthew said that he’d see what he could do in terms of securing us the luxury vehicle transfer for that evening.

On the Saturday….

We saw Matthew again on the Saturday afternoon when Jayne and I had returned from shopping.

He asked us how our day had been and mentioned that the luxury vehicle transfer for us to go out to dinner was available if we would like it?

Of course we said yes, though Matthew was a little on the secretive side in letting us know exactly what sort of luxury vehicle we would be travelling in.

We also mentioned to Matthew that we had arranged to meet with two business colleagues at the hotel at 4:30pm and asked him where the best place was to have that meeting.

Matthew recommended the rooftop bar, but also asked us if we would like him to reserve us a table there as it tended to get busy, and that on weekends only hotel guests could reserve tables there.

We thanked Matthew for his suggestion and accepted his offer to reserve us a table.

We went up to our room to freshen up for our meeting.

While we were there, the phone rang and it was Matthew confirming our booking for the rooftop bar, as well as our booking for transportation to dinner.

We were very impressed with Matthew’s attention to detail and to his ability to go above and beyond in delivering World Class Experiences to us.


Our business meeting went very well.

Following our meeting Jayne and I visited our room to tidy up before dinner, when the phone rang.

It was Matthew.

He wanted to apologise to us… the car that was booked for dinner had a baby seat secured in the back, and the hotel employee who fits the seat had gone home for the night, meaning that if we travelled in this luxury car, only one of us could sit in the back, and one of us would need to sit in the front.

That was OK for us…

When we arrived in the foyer to head out to dinner, Matthew walked us to the car… to our surprise it was an Aston Martin DBX SUV.

Our journey to dinner was quite the surprise, and to our further surprise, Matthew was also able to collect us from dinner in the Aston Martin.

Overall, the attention to detail from Matthew during our three days certainly overshadowed the times when our cups in our room were not washed up, or the mistake with our drinks order at the rooftop bar…. both minor technicalities.

Matthew also topped off his exemplary service with a couple of handwritten notes, and some personalised SMSs, which really made a big difference in terms of grabbing our attention.

Overall we rated the hotel and Matthew five stars out of five.

How are your service levels in your business?

What are you doing to wow your patients at your dental practice?

Are you offering them extra treats and experiences that has them saying “WOW”?

Are you continually smothering them with added value that has them in awe?

These are things that are easy to do that most businesses don’t do, but could do, and are of minimal cost.

But are of maximum benefit….


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