The Key Principles For Having New Employees Work Effectively When Starting In A Customer Service Environment. Part II.

Last week we discussed how having a great mental attitude along with the importance of initiative for new employees beginning work at your World Class Customer Service Dental Office.

Here are some more key factors you need to cover during the onboarding process.

Code of Conduct for all employees.

These codes of conduct are all non-negotiable.

Employees who are being paid for their time by your business need to be giving your business one hundred percent.


• Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted

• Swearing and aggressive language towards staff and customers are not permitted

• Phone calls. Only on approved breaks, but incoming non-emergency calls are discouraged

• Mobile phone use not permitted in work areas.

• Consumption of food or drink not permitted in work areas

• Chewing of gum not permitted

• Employees are responsible for reading and complying and understanding these policies.

Working cooperatively with others

New employees need to know that working cooperatively with others requires not only the skills and knowledge needed for the processes at hand, but also requires interpersonal skills and knowledges about the best ways to be working as part of a team.

These include:

• Communicate openly

• Communicate honestly

• Communicate at appropriate times

• Be flexible in your approach

• Be open to learning new ways

• Demonstrate acceptance of the values, beliefs and opinions of others

• Be willing to contribute and fully participate in moving towards our goals and outcomes

• Use problem solving skills

• Recognise the unique skills and the abilities of others

• Acknowledge the contributions made by others to our sought after outcomes

• Maintain the consistent approach required to uphold our customer service standards

Using initiative to contribute to an effective and efficient workplace environment

When employees show initiative in the workplace, it means they have the ability to do things without being told.

People with initiative take action, rather than reacting.

They find out what they need to know, and they get going on that task.

They keep going when things get tough.

They spot and take advantage of opportunities that others may not see and may pass by.

Simple ways for your new employees to develop initiative:

Here are some ways for your new employee to develop initiative and contribute to an effective and efficient customer service workplace environment.

Let them know that people who show initiative do so by spotting and acting on opportunities that their colleagues or leaders may not have noticed.

These employees are curious about the business and how it works, and they keep their minds open to new ideas and to new possibilities.

All team members should look at these areas:

* What would our customers want us to improve?

* How can we improve our service?

*What small problems do we have that could grow into bigger ones?

* What slows our work?

* What makes our work more difficult?

* Where do we have bottlenecks?

* What is frustrating and irritating to people on our team?

* What do we often fail to achieve?

Have all of your employees looking at these things on a regular basis, and get them thinking about the best ways to rectify these issues.

Having the right employee with the right mindset as part of your team goes a long way towards creating a world class experience for your customers.


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