The Key To Success Is As Easy As This…

I like this quote from Dr. Omer Reed that recently came across my desk:

“If it has been done, then it is possible”.

Putting it simply, what this means is that if someone can do something, then I can do it too.

Within reason.

But there are so many times that I hear the opposite being said.

And for no good reason.

“That’s alright for you, but I could never do that”


“That’s easy for you to do, but not for me. I’m different…” 

Now, I certainly cannot get out there and run a sub-ten second one hundred metres. Due to physical limitations.

But others will.

And when it comes to a lot of things, it is really only mental limitations that prevent us from trying something.

It isn’t that we cannot do something..

It’s only that we believe that we will not be able to achieve what we want to achieve.

We impose our own limiting beliefs upon ourselves.

And so we never even make an attempt.

Why on earth do we do that?

Why do we not make an attempt?

What is it that holds us back, that prevents us from taking that first step forward?

Is it because of fear of failure?

Is it because we believe that we WILL fail, and when we do fail, we will be embarrassed?

Embarrassed to face all of those people who will be there, waiting to tell us:

“I told you so”

Or is it because we have a limiting belief in our minds that we are not WORTHY of the spoils, and the glories and the accolades and the triumphs of making that change, and taking those steps?

No matter how much success and change and improvement awaits us for doing so?

Look on back at your dental school undergraduate years.

Who were the high achievers?

Who were those who had the great hands?

Who were those who mastered the skills required quickly?

Look at your dental school classmates today.

Who are those who achieved some greatness?

Who are the dental specialists?

Who are the dental entrepreneurs?

How do those two pictures compare when we compare then and now?

Is there a congruence?

In the same way that none of us were born with a handpiece or a laser or a CADCAM in our hands, none of us were also born with a knowledge of the secrets of running a successful business.

My point is that business skills are learned in the same way that clinical skills are learned.

And in the same way that clinical skills can be taught successfully to a new year of undergraduate students arriving at University each and every year, then business skills and knowledge can also be imparted upon all who graduate from Dental School.

And yet some dentists go on to be very successful Dental Practice Owners, while others just seem to only be getting by.

Why is that?

In the same way that business skills can be learnt by some dentists and not others, business skills can also be learned by some Dental Office team members and not others.

The choice of acquiring knowledge and assimilating the use of that knowledge is available to us all.

After all, library cards are free.


So it is indeed a choice.

As practice owners we can ignore the fact that knowledge is abundant, and try to simply just get by.

And blunder along…

Or we can go out and seek that knowledge, acquire it, and put that knowledge to good use.

And help others in our business to attain more knowledge, and learn it, and use it, so that our business is able to obtain a competitive advantage in the market place.

The reason that one Dental Office is more successful than another rarely relates to the clinical abilities of the Dentist.

What that success relates to is the commercial skills that that dentist and his team have acquired, learned and put to use to differentiate their Dental Office from its competitors.

Your patients don’t care how great your margins are if you’re continually keeping them waiting.

Your patients do not give a hoot how much CE you’ve done if your front office team ignore them upon their arrival, and then park the patient in some holding area while they return to talking to each other about how much they “need a coffee” and how much they are looking forward to “ the day going faster”.

Your patients just want to be pampered, and made feel special.

And you can easily begin to learn how to do that, and other easy to apply business skills, by visiting the business book section of your local library…


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