The One Magic Bullet You Need For Your Dental Practice To Succeed

“It’s the little things that make the big things possible. Only close attention to the fine details of any operation makes the operation first class.”
– J. Willard Marriot

I’m constantly surprised at the number of dentists and business people looking for the magic bullet.

They’re always looking for that one *BIG* thing to catapult their business and their income into the stratosphere, the rarified air, where only the super-rich reside.

And sure there’s stories of overnight successes, but the real truism of all this is that it indeed takes years to become an overnight success.


Success in Dentistry for me came as a result of doing the little things right.

Lots of little things.

Over and over.

Year in and year out.

In fact, I sought to define each and every thing, all the little things that my patients experienced in their visits and contacts with my office, so that I could work on ways to improve upon each and every one of those things.

And therein lies the magic.

Because random acts of kindness are fine, but in the end, they’re always only random.

And with randomness comes irregularity.

What is required is systematic, detailed improvement.


And duplicated.



So that your clients, patients and customers come to realise that what they are experiencing at your dental practice is a well thought out detailed choreographed piece of theatre that has been orchestrated with the sole purpose of providing an ultimate experience that repeats and repeats and repeats.

Because if its not there continually and consistently, then the inevitable absence will result in disappointment.

And that’s a LOSE-LOSE situation.

And we do not ever want that.

We never want our patients thinking that things were different, and better, last time they were in.

We only want them thinking that things are better today than they were last time.

And we only want them wondering what we are going to be doing for them next time that’s going to surpass their experience this time.

We want our patients to be amazed, to be WOWed, to be astounded at the things that we do for them, that make their visit to our office like a visit to no other business that they have ever been to before.

And therein lies the magic.

Because anything that brings mediocrity into the experience that our patient receives will only have them wondering about what on earth are they paying for?

Because they can get mediocrity for a lot less down the road.

And mediocre isn’t what we’re about.

Because if all we have to compete upon is vanilla, our patients can get their vanilla some place else.

And we all know that it’s a historical fact that once we start only competing on price then we enter that vortex that drags our business towards the sinkhole of failure.

So where’s your Unique Selling Proposition, or USP for your Dental Office?

What makes your practice different?

Patients aren’t going to seek your practice out because you’ve got five lasers and seven cad-cams.

They’ll seek your office out because you provide World Class Customer Service to your patients.

They’ll seek your practice out because you provide an Ultimate Patient Experience for them each and every time.

Not just plain old vanilla….


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