The ONLY WAY to transfer your patient from Client Lounge to Treatment Room that says….WOW!!

Today I’m looking forward to sharing with you another MAGICAL MOMENT that you can incorporate into your dental office immediately that will set your dental office aside as being dramatically different from all other dental offices in your area.

It’s a MAGICAL MOMENT that you and your team can implement straight away to have your dental patients saying, “Wow, this dental office is different!!” Your patients and clients will immediately perceive your office as being *THE* go-to Dental Practice in your area.

These ideas and concepts that I call MAGICAL MOMENTS are some of the best pearls that I have implemented during my dental career to impacted significantly and separate my office from “other” dentists.


The large majority of dental offices that I know operate their client lounges, or waiting rooms, under what I call “The Paddle Boat Principle”….. when it’s your turn to be treated you’re called out for from the front!!

When you think about it, this is really a pretty ordinary way to greet your valued paying customers, don’t you agree? Rather like a cattle muster…very, very, very impersonal, when you look at it objectively? But, you say, well everyone else is doing it, so why not be just like them? Why not indeed!!

Imagine your patients’ and clients’ reactions when they are greeted differently…here’s how we do it…and it is so simple to implement…

Start by drawing out a rudimentary map or diagram of your client lounge or waiting room [please don’t call it a “waiting” room any more!!]. Agree with your team members on a numbering or identifying system for each and every seat in your client lounge. Now if your lounge is filled with benches then you’re in big trouble…you really need to replace them with comfortable chairs…it’s a lounge not a bus stop!!

So when your valued clients or patients arrive for their appointments, here is what should happen. Firstly, they’re greeted by your team by name, as we spoke about last week…. , and asked to make themselves comfortable, while being graciously motioned toward the comfortable seating. As they find a seat, your practice concierge makes a mental note of the distinguishing attire being worn by the patient, as well which specific seat they have chosen, and possibly, the reading material they have chosen from your coffee table.

This information is then conveyed to the dental assistants and back of office team members who will be looking after this specific patient. So, when its time for the dental chair-side assistant to escort the patient to the treatment room, the assistant can confidently walk directly straight up to the patient in the lounge, greet the patient by their name, exchange pleasantries, and then personalise their transfer…..

Imagine your patient’s disbelief and amazement when they are greeted personally with:

“Good afternoon Mrs. Smith. How are you? I’m Kaire and I’ll be assisting Dr Moffet today. How has your day been?”

And then, she listens, really listens…

And then, and only then, she lets Mrs. Smith know, “would you like to come with me now?” and she asks Mrs. Smith, if she can be of assistance with any of Mrs. Smith’s bags or belongings…

This method is certainly much nicer and much more personable than the traditional holler from the far side of the room. And your valued patients and clients *WILL* notice the difference…

Do this, and see the results, instantly!! You’ll be the only dentist in town treating your patients so professionally and courteously.

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