The Positive Benefits Of Having A Great Coach

On Wednesday I received my weekly email from my golf club.

Every Wednesday afternoon I receive the email which includes reports from the Club Captain, the Course Superintendent, the Women’s Committee, the Clubhouse, and the Professional Shop.

Although I don’t get to play much golf at the moment, this regular communication keeps me well informed as to the goings on at this fabulous golf club.

Of particular interest to me this week was the report from the Golf Club Professional [let’s call him Ben].

I have copied and pasted Ben’s report below.

In a nutshell, Ben and his wife and children travelled to the USA and spent some time with one of our club’s members, who is now a golf professional himself, and this year qualified to play the USPGA Tour [let’s call this guy Harrison].

Harrison qualified this year for the PGA Tour after playing and winning last year on the Korn Ferry tour [the secondary tour].

Here’s what Ben said about his time in the USA on the PGA Tour with Harrison:

It’s great to be back after a few weeks in the US coaching Harrison….

 While I was away with Harrison we worked really hard to get him back playing some great golf. We did a lot of work together and after Harrison had missed five straight cuts, my main objective was to get him moving it well and understanding what we needed to do in order to achieve greatness again.

Harrison made back-to-back cuts while I was there and posted the best score for the day twice in 2 weeks!

So I’ll say, mission accomplished!

The experience for me personally was amazing and I couldn’t thank the PGA Tour enough for having not only myself but my family as guests. They looked after us better than you could ever have imagined. 

One of the funniest things I’ll mention was when my sons Nate and Noah were asked by Rory McIllroy, who sat with us one time at breakfast, who their favourite golfer was?

They straight away both said:

“Harrison Endycott is our favourite player”.

Rory realised very quickly that my sons were soccer players and not golfers, so he asked them:

“What about Rory McIllroy?”

Nate replied:

“Yeah, he is ok, but Harrison is still way better”.

Rory then said:

“Well from now on, Harrison is my new favourite golfer”.

So many of the PGA players, especially the younger guys, looked after my boys and gave them signed balls and talked with them when they realised I was Harrison’s coach. The PGA tour gave my family access to player dining, the range, locker room, and inside the ropes which was pretty special!

One thing I will say, after playing holes with golfers Max Homa, Tom Kim, Jason Day, Scottie Scheffler etc. is that I know for a fact, Harrison can become the best golfer in the world.

We have a long way to go to achieve this but it’s definitely possible! 

He hits the ball straighter than any other player.

Harrison’s ball strike sound is a sound Scottie Scheffler would die for.

I’m looking forward to spending more time with Harrison in the US over the coming years and can’t wait to keep you all updated on the progress we make.

Here’s what I thought about Ben’s comments:

Firstly, it was obvious, that working closely with a coach can really be beneficial when compared to trying to figure things out without a coach.

When Ben turned up to work with Harrison, he was quickly able to re-establish some important parameters and to get Harrison striking the ball straighter and better than he had been recently.

[I’ll bet Harrison was very grateful for the instruction from his coach].

Secondly, looking to the future, Ben has explained that coaching Harrison is not a “one stop fix-and-go” process. Rather, it is a process of evolution: Build and solidify. Build and solidify. [Rinse and repeat]. Isn’t that what true coaching is?

Improvement is a never-ending goal…

Thirdly, the way that the PGA and the players welcomed Ben and his family into their inner sanctum was great. It’s nice to see that reaction from an “industry” to their fellow members.

Grinding it out on the Tour can be a lonely life. Grooving that perfect swing day in and day out, uprooting and travelling each week to a new town to work, can be tough.

The public, and the viewing public, sometimes only see the “glamour end” of the PGA tour. The work, and the “do-the-work backstory” are often not so glamorous.

Fortunately, the rewards for those who do “do-the-work” are worth it.

And isn’t that the case with most things?


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