The Power Of A Second Set Of Eyes

One of the things that I always encourage dental practice owners is to get the opinion of someone else, just for the sake of having a second opinion.

It may seem arduous and it may sometimes seem unnecessary.

But it is the advice of a sage that can be invaluable.

So who should you ask?

Probably the best thing to do is to make a list of who you should NOT ask for advice….

Whose advice should I not ask for?

That’s really easy….

People who have no business acumen

How would someone who has never owned or run a business, or never worked in a position of management, be in a position to advise you on investing, marketing, advertising and on staff.

They just cannot.


Most of the time, family members fall into the same category as people with no business acumen.

Unless those family members have owned a business or held positions of authority in business.

Check the qualifications of those you seek advice from.

Your peers

Your peers in your industry may be in a position of giving advice.

Most of the time they are not.

Remember that by age 65, ninety five percent of the population are either dead, or broke, or dead broke. Only 5% of the population are considered to be self-supporting and only 1% are considered wealthy.

So there’s a 19 in 20 chance that your peers will not be able to help you.

And most of the time, if they identify some entrepreneurial spirit in you, the will attempt to exorcise that spirit from your body to protect you, so that you stay the same as them.

Your family will also do the same….

Your golf buddies and fishing buddies.

Same as the above…just like your family and your peers…these guys don’t want you to change. They don’t have much business acumen either.

But they don’t want to have to induct and educate some new guy into their group as you start to hang out with the “wealthy class” instead of them….

Whose help should I seek?

Google is your friend.

Do your homework.

Just because someone calls themselves a coach or a guru, doesn’t mean they really are.

Some coaches are just straight phonies.

They have no results, and everything they teach you they stole from someone else and try and repackage it as their own.

Ask for references.

Ask for documentation.


The benefits of a second set of eyes.

A good coach will offer an opinion when asked.

A good coach will have made a mistake, or seen a mistake that you might be about to make. And they’ll offer that advice.

A really good coach will give you a view on something that you may not ever have considered.

A really good coach will prevent you from making poor decisions by offering sage advice.

Good coaches have to start somewhere.

There are always master coaches who come out of nowhere.

John Buchanan.

David Leadbetter.

Wayne Bennett.

These guys were never great players but they became great coaches.

Should your advisor come from inside or outside of your industry?

The hardest work I ever had to do was under a non-dental coach.

Was it worth it?


Did I consider that this was what was going to happen?

Not in my wildest dreams.

Did I recommend this coach?

Yes I did, and still do.

Sometimes you need more than one coach…

What’s the answer?

Just because you have a dental degree doesn’t mean you’ve been trained in business.

That’s why 95% of dentists cannot afford to retire at age 65.

Look for someone who you know can get you results.

At present I have two coaches of my own.

The journey of life is one of constant education.

On the USPGA tour, every golfer has a coach. Some have many.

It’s the same on the tennis circuit.

Multiple coaches.

Don’t be Robinson Crusoe and try and do it all on your own.

It’s said that a lawyer who acts for himself in court has a fool for a client…


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