The Secret Benefit Of Providing World Class Customer Service

When I am advising dental practices on creating their own individual customer service manual for their own individual practice, the biggest “take-away” for me is the end result of what the team becomes as a result of my coaching.

You see it’s one thing to give your team an article, or some course notes, or a book, and say:

This is what were going to be doing here from now on

as opposed to allowing them to develop and discover and build their own unique systems and protocols.

It’s like learning piano… you could read a book and maybe watch a video, and maybe you might improve your keyboard skills, but it will be piano lessons and the concurrent accountability that will really take your playing to a completely different level.

And once at that level, it can be very difficult to “un-learn” those skills and return to being the weak pianist you were before you began those lessons.

It’s the same with Customer Service skills.

And sure, you can read a book, and watch a video and attend a course, and pick up a few good ideas that may provide an immediate result, but in most cases they will not provide measurable results that create a sustainable permanent improvement.

Your team’s continued search for excellence, which results from your investing in their coaching, is a palpable result that is sustainable in your organisation as the new “raised bar” of “what we do around here” for long after these team members ever move on.

And that’s the benefit.

The culture of your organisation changes for the better.

For ever.

When I coach teams, I teach the team members how to create and develop their organisation’s own Customer Service protocols that are unique to that team and that business.

I empower them.

And it is this empowerment that creates the “buy-in” from the team members and this in turn results in long term sustainable change in the way things in that Dental Office are done.

The team members can not un-learn the coaching. They will forget what they read in a book, or what they heard at a seminar.

But they will always remember what they were taught by their coach.

The resulting improvements to your business are permanent.

These improvements are there forever. Long after the coaching …


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