The Service Is In The Follow Up.

“With Customer Service, there is no FINISH Line…”  – David Moffet.

Providing World Class Customer Service becomes an obsession.

You become engrossed and absorbed in trying to do things better for your customers.

So you never are “done” with Customer Service.

You want every customer’s experience to be better for them today than it was for them on the last time that they visited with you.

And why shouldn’t it be?

Why should your patients not look forward to their visit with you, knowing that your dental practice is driven to exceed their expectations each and every time?


At my dental practice, every morning, before the first patient arrived, my team would conduct our daily morning huddle.

The purpose of the huddle was not so much to go over the treatment that each patient of the day would be having, but it was more for the team to go over exactly WHO each patient was and WHERE we were at in terms of our knowledge about that patient and what their customer service expectations would be.

Every team member left that daily huddle knowing exactly who was coming in that day and what we needed to do to meet and exceed their customer service expectations.

In particular, we had several patients of the practice whose demographics and social situations put them “outside” of what we considered would be our typical patient profile [for our practice].

And although those people were different from our typical patient profile, they kept on coming back to see us, time and time again.

And so, when one of these patients appeared on our schedule, what I would say is this:

“Bob is not our typical practice patient. Yet he keeps coming back. Year in and year out.  We need to find out EXACTLY what it is that keeps Bob coming back to us….

“And whatever it is that we are doing for Bob, we’ve got to make sure that we start doing that for each and every one of our customers!”

Who is your dental practice Bob?

Who is the Bob at your dental practice?

Who is the patient who swears blindly to you that you will always be their dentist?

Are you taking note of what it is that you do that keeps your Bob returning?

And are you committed to setting that standard as a non-negotiable business standard for your dental practice to uphold?

Because when you do commit, and I mean truly, DO commit, to ongoing excellence and the challenge of maintaining that excellence in service, then and only then can your business be truly inducted into the brotherhood of providers of truly World Class Dental Customer Service.

And that’s a great place to be.


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