The Six Things Every Dentist Needs To Do To Grow Their Dental Practice

I recently heard about a practice that was having [a current] difficulty with its front office staff, who needed phone training.

The interesting thing about this practice was that a couple of years ago I spoke with the owner about organising coaching for the practice, including front office training, but the dentist did not want to go ahead because some staff were “concerned” about having their dental practice phone calls recorded.

The interesting thing is that I can guarantee that if this dentist had begun coaching two years ago he would now be two years closer to his financial and career goals.

Whereas because the dentist bowed to his staff request, his practice is definitely not as successful as it should be and is more than likely in a WORSE PLACE because it has done nothing.

The reason the dentist reached out to me two years ago was because everything that his practice had done in the past before that time had led his practice to a place of SERIAL UNDERPERFORMANCE.

And seriously, you’ve really got to ask yourself who was employing whom in that practice, when the staff who took on the position of dental receptionist did not want to have their phone conversations with patients recorded?

I once hear Kerri-Anne Kennelly tell Ray Hadley, when talking about golf:

“No matter how bad you play, you can always play worse.”

And when it comes to dental office phones, I say:

“No matter how bad you think they are, they’re always worse.”

And I add:

“No matter how good you think they are, they’re always worse.”

And this is what we find when we listen to actual dental practice phone call recordings, no matter how “experienced” the dental receptionists actually are.

The interesting thing with this dentist that I just mentioned and his practice is that this dentist needs more than just front office training.

This dentist needs coaching for himself, to improve his ability to manage people and his ability to be a good leader.

Have you noticed that those three things [leadership, people management, and front office phone training] are not taught in dental school?

Successful dental practices have:

  • Great systems and protocols
  • Great leadership
  • Good people management
  • Their dental office phones are managed exceptionally
  • World Class Customer Service Systems
  • Great time management

Have you noticed that these six things are not taught in dental school?

These are six things that I teach my coaching clients….

When my coaching clients implement the things that I teach them, they experience significant practice growth along with significant personal growth as well.

I’d call that a WIN-WIN relationship….


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