The Tale Of The Two-Faced Leopard

Have you ever heard the saying that

“A leopard never changes its spots”

This phrase expresses the notion that things [or people] cannot change their inherent nature.

It is a phrase normally used to suggest that people who have behaved poorly, or done bad things in the past, will again behave poorly, and do similar bad things in the future.

Because this is their inherent nature.

And sure, there will be times where good people may occasionally behave out of character, but are inherently good people.

But, it does seem that there are compulsive re-offending leopards out there who consistently have reputations they need to live down to.

One behaviour of a serial leopard is the behaviour of back-stabbing.

The back-stabber is a person who behaves all good and pleasant to your face, but as soon as you are out of earshot they take great pride in stirring the pot and spreading tales of woe.

It’s called GOSSIPPING.

The simple thing about a gossiper is that they love to spread ill will about others. And it is usually something they do to deflect attention from their own pathetic little lives.

Do you know a gossiper?

Have you employed a gossiper?

Have you had business dealings with one?

Dig deeply into their character and you’ll find they have a closet jam packed full of skeletons that they would never want shared.

The thing about gossipers is that their behaviours are serial. They totally seek out discussions of what they call “juicy” behaviours of others so they may drum up attention of those other peoples’ plights to distract attention from their own pathetic little lives.

In business there exists few things sadder than the behaviour of the pathetic two-faced leopard.

On the outside they convey the behaviours of Mother Theresa.

But on the flip side they exhibit the behaviours of Shylock and the Grinch.

Doing business with a two-faced leopard is like wrestling with a pig.

It is best avoided, as it always ends poorly for you.

Never employ the two-faced gossiping leopard. They will bring your business to its knees in no time as they plan its destruction with their passive aggressive behaviour.

The two-faced gossiping leopard can and will slip under your guard.

But they will always reveal themselves.

And when they do, your mission is to exterminate them and eradicate them.

You must do this for your own sanity.


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