The Three Most Important Things New Patients Want To Know When Choosing a New Dental Office

What’s the best way to Market your Dental Practice to attract new patients?

To me there’s a right way and a wrong way.

The right way is the way that brings new patients in.

And the wrong way is the way that does not.

Results are what matters.


Numbers are what matters.

Nothing else.

Nothing else matters.

Only results.

How you as the dentist feel about an ad does not matter.

Only results.

The best form of marketing for new patients without a doubt is the marketing that puts your Dental Office out there as memorable to those looking for a new or different dentist and those people who don’t really have a dentist who are looking for a dentist.

And most times it’s very difficult to use one marketing piece to advertise to both those types of new patients, at the same time.

One advert needs to say, “We’re different!”, while the other advert needs to say “We’re here!”

Sometimes you need to use both types of advertisements within one marketing campaign.

You might have a great location with high visibility. If you do, then just advertising yourself as: “Hey, there’s a dentist in here!” may be sufficient to make those passing to say to themselves exactly that.

Then they’ll either stop and come in or later go to your website to find out more about you, and that’s when you’ll need to make sure that you’re telling them then and there *WHY* your dental office is different, and why your office is going to be their best choice for a new dentist.

And they’ll choose to do business with you based on either price, quality or service.

I’ve said it before.

The public, for the most part, believe that all dentists are competent and have an equal level of skill.

The public trusts that their state regulator allows only competent dentists to practice.

And so, quality is rarely a reason the public use for choosing their everyday dental office.

So that really leaves only service, and price.

And the public will believe, on the whole, that most times most dentists will charge roundabout the same prices for most dental services, most of the time.

So unless they’re penny-pinching misers, they’ll not be choosing you on price.

The main or number one way that people choose a new dental office is by how that dental office makes the new patient feel.

Does that office want my business?

Will they value my business?

How will that Dental Office treat me as a client or customer?

How does that Dental Office communicate that to me before I become a patient and how do they convey that feeling of caring once I have become a patient?

Letting the public know that you’re a real person, and that you care, is a far better way of attracting new patients and keeping new patients than any marketing method that competes on price only.

All the public really wants to know are these three things:

  1. Are you a real person?
  2. Will you treat me like I’m a real person?
  3. Will it be pain free?

So long as your answer is “Yes” to all three of these questions, and you and your office keep on reminding them the answers to these three questions, then your marketing will keep the public beating a path to your door.


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