The Timing Theory. When Is The Best Time To Take Action?

I often hear people tell me excuses….

“I’ll get started when we finish our renovations.”

“I’m waiting to hire the right person before I get started with your training.”

And guess what?


They say:

“Our renovations cost more than expected and now we’re having difficulty paying the bills.”

“I still haven’t filled that position.”

And guess what?

If they’d have started the training when they should have, their cashflow would have improved and their bills would have been easily paid.

And if they’d have started the training with the team they had at that time, they’d have upskilled a fair chunk of their team, such that the way their TEAM operated would have been considerably better.

But they didn’t.

And so things did not change.

My mentor Dan Kennedy said this:

“Conditions are never right at the right time. The timing is ALWAYS wrong. If you’re waiting for everything to be just right before taking action, you are in possession of a foolproof excuse for failure.”

And how right he was.

In my own experiences, this is one of life’s undeniable truths.

Conditions at the time that you want to start will never ever be absolutely perfect.

Kennedy went on to say:

“It’s my experience that, nine out of ten times, waiting for ‘better timing’ means waiting forever. A lot of lip service is given to ‘timing’ or ‘being in the right place at the right time’ but, in actuality, this just is not a documentable, major success factor.”

I have found the same thing.

My belief is that people who say they are waiting for the RIGHT TIME are more likely to be people who never take any action and so watch every opportunity pass them by.

The “timing” issue is simply a furphy that covers for their total inability to take action.

In life, there will always be times where your decisions may not be the best.

But the aim of life is to make the decisions and to have more wins than losses.

In 1987, a friend came to me and said he was looking at buying an apartment to live in, and that he thought that I would be in a position to do the same thing. [we had both been renting].

The following month, I inspected two apartments and placed a deposit on and subsequently purchased, one of them.

Twelve months later, I sold that apartment at an eighty five percent profit after the Sydney housing market had gone through a substantial boom.

And my friend?

He never bought…. he MISSED the boom.

One of the reasons that he never bought was because he thought that he had missed the boat as the market began to rise.

In hindsight, had he purchased even six months after I had, he still would have been better off.

The Sydney housing market never fell back to those pre-boom prices.

My friend learned the lesson, that TAKING ACTION was the key.

What about you?

Are you an action taker?

Or are you one who waits for the right time, the time that never quite comes….


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