The Trouble With Common Sense Is That It Isn’t All That Common.

The article I wrote last week about Human Resources management, and the fact that some managers cannot even manage, rolled out an interesting sequel in real life this week.

You see, what happened was that the “manager” in question that inspired last week’s article this week decided to draw his line in the sand, so to speak, and dig his heels in.

Manager by name and title only.

You see, what happened was that the “manager” had chosen to manage a situation in the workplace by sending dictatorial emails. As a result of this emails only approach, and the content of those emails, the person being managed then requested for communications with the “manager” to be conducted via telephone.

Despite this request the “manager” continued his communications only via emails, and those emails continued to be of a dictatorial content and nature.

The end result was that the person receiving these very one-sided emails had no choice then than to by-pass the “manager” and request audience with higher authorities within the organisation.

It seemed ridiculous that because the “manager” was ignoring organizational structure and processes that this situation even arose in the first place.

Sadly, the actions of the “manager” are tolerated by his superiors within the organisation because he has knowledge that the organisation needs on other technical matters not related to HR.

My feeling on this is simple.

I’ve seen time and time again where businesses and organisations have hung onto and retained the wrong type of people in roles where they are professionally inept and unsuited simply because there was nobody else in the organisation with the knowledge to perform the mechanical tasks that those people could do.

“I know we need to let her go but she’s the only one who knows how to file insurance.”

“I know she’s a disruptive influence to the staff but she’s the only one who knows how to reboot the computers when they crash.”

Do you hear these excuses in your business?

Guess what?

The amount of damage caused to businesses by retaining those employees who exhibit the behaviours of “onboard terrorists” and protect their turf by making out that they are indispensible while at the same time harassing staff and sometimes even customers with their anti-social behaviours and abysmal people skills, is far greater than the short term inconvenience and disruption of trying to replace those nasty people.

I’ve seen businesses hang on to the wrong people for periods of time that drag on into years and sometimes into decades.

Only last month I was approached by a financial advisor whose dentist client employed a dragon [his words not mine] who was choking the progress of that dental practice.

I don’t understand why poor employee behaviour is tolerated by those in charge in the workplace?

If somebody refuses to do what they need to be doing and exhibits behaviours that are not in the best interests of the firm, and is unable to improve those anti-social behaviours while receiving payment from their employer, then they need to be relieved of their position.

There’s no place for a “yes but” approach when it comes to employing anti-social polarizing dictatorial narcissists.

How desperate does an organisation need to be?



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