The True Purpose Of Being In Business

What is the true purpose of being in business?

How do some people end up getting into their own businesses?

Why are they in business?

These are three very important questions that we need to ask ourselves on a regular basis.

“I don’t like my boss!”

This is one of the reasons that people go into their own businesses.

They do not like taking orders from someone else.

They often feel that they are taking orders from someone who knows less than them, or someone who is taking advantage of their talents or their efforts.

“I don’t like being taken advantage of!”

A feeling of being exploited, dare I say.

They feel that they are the true star of the side, and they should be being rewarded in full, rather than in part.

Their feeling is that if they are going to be putting in that effort anyway, then why not reap ALL of the reward for the effort rather than only a salary or a percentage?

“It can’t be all that hard?”

After all, if this idiot that I work for can own a business, then I can too, because I’m a lot smarter than them.

And after all, how difficult can it be?

All you have to do is sit back and count the money.
I can do that….

There is a reason to be in business.

The number one reason to be in business is to create an income that allows you to live comfortably while working and provide for you and your family so that you live comfortably in your retirement.

As mentioned earlier, there is the potential when owning a business to be rewarded more for your efforts than if you were working only as an employee.

With that income and extra income you can also invest [and therefore provide for others] such as in real estate or in other businesses.

You can also direct money towards good causes that need a helping hand.

You can consume more, and therefore pay more taxes. Tax money primarily is spent on welfare and infrastructure.

Are you ready for the ups and downs of business?

A salary provides a consistent income.

A business can provide you with a variable income stream, depending upon seasonal and cyclical factors of influence.

The highs may be good. The lows may not be so good.

What about managing people?

You’ll have good employees and bad employees.

You’ll have good employees leave and you’ll have bad employees stay on and on and on.

You’ll have bad employees cause good employees to leave.

You’ll have employees cause good customers to go elsewhere.

You’ll have employees who will help retain customers and employees who, in their own right, will attract customers to your business.

Are you ready to manage other people?

Begin with the end in mind.

Reverse engineer your business.

Know the results that you want from your business and then build that business to achieve those results.

Most people do the opposite.

They go into business and see what the business can do for them.

This is wrong.

It’s like jumping into a car, and driving, and seeing where the car goes, and that’s where you’re going to spend your vacation.

Plan your life, plan your business, as if you were planning your vacation.

Know where you want your business to take you.

Know your desired outcomes. Know your desired path.

And know your timeline.

Be specific.

The purpose of being in business is to receive a desired outcome.

Being in business gives you more control and more choices.

Don’t waste your opportunity.

Set goals.

Achieve those goals.

Be in control….


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