The Two BIG Advantages of Marketing More To Your Existing Clients

In business there are three ways of growing your business:

1. Acquire more customers

2. Have your customers visit more often

3. Have your customers spend more with you each visit.

With points two and three we are working on the processes of “selling” to existing clients.

Existing clients are more likely to buy more often and buy more from us because they know us and trust us.

With new clients there is always an “initiation” time taken to begin nurturing that trusting relationship with us.

Some new clients do not want to trust us.

Some new clients take eons to develop a trust with us. They are hesitant committing to a “trusted” relationship with us.

But once we have that trust in place, and have developed that relationship with each of our clients, what we find is that the clients are indeed now more accepting of our treatment recommendations.

Yet, when I talk to dentists about what their practices need, the majority of dentists ignore their data base of existing patients and instead choose to go out chasing more new patients.

Some dentists even offer new patients an examination and cleaning visit at a lower fee than the fee paid by longer term existing patients.

[This in itself sends out a very poor message to the existing patients that the practice values new patients more than it values existing patients….]

So how do we help existing patients to visit more often and to spend more with us?

The answer is simple….the answer is to simply invest more time with your existing patients.

Chat with them.

Be in the moment with them.

Don’t engage in shallow conversations with them.

Spend time in conversation with them and truly LISTEN to what they are saying.

We have all experienced one of those times when we have been talking to someone who then gets distracted from our conversation in the middle of one of our sentences and LEAVES  our conversation while we are literally mid-sentence  talking to them….

It’s not a very pleasant experience for us.

So why would we do that to one of our very own customers then?

More importantly, why would we do that ever to any other human being?

Remember, small children spell “LOVE” as T.I.M.E.

And our dental patients will spell it exactly the same way.

If we want our patients to truly feel our love and give love back to us we must be respectful of their time and spend time with them.

Engage with them.

Listen to their stories.

Make them feel important.

Make them feel as if we have been looking forward all day to seeing them.

Make them feel as if they are the only patient we are seeing on this day.

It is a simple mathematical equation.

The more a patient feels that we value them, the more times they are likely to visit us and the more they are likely to spend with us as well.

It truly is a case of Reciprocity in action….one of Cialdini’s Laws of Influence.

And it is the easiest way of growing a dental practice.



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