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See Dr Moffet speak about Dental Customer Service

Being a dentist isn’t easy.

You’re performing delicate medical procedures with perfect precision, inside a space smaller than a baseball… for an hourly pay that in many cases, is less than what your roofer earns, for patching a leak over your kitchen!

You buy new equipment and invest in state of the art technology, because… “That’s what you’re supposed to do.” Then, you sit there staring at this stuff glistening in your office, like a brand new car in the showroom. Only unlike the car that eventually gets sold… you’re left standing there thinking, “Darn, this stuff looks good. I sure wish I could make some money with it!”

The bottom line is, we’ve been trained how to be great dentists — not how to run super-profitable dental practices. In fact, most of us just look at what the guy across the street is doing, and figure, “Hey, if it’s working for him, it’ll work for me.”

The problem is… it’s not working for him, either.

Look, there’s only one thing separating dentists like you, from those dentists who are consistently bringing home six figures a month, or more.

But this one thing is absolutely critical!

You see, the most successful dentists have simply managed to somehow “differentiate” themselves from their competition. They know, if you’re no different from anyone else, then you give your patients no other choice but to base their decision to use you, solely on price. And as you know, this has NO upside. (And by the way, “I fill cavities better” is NOT a difference any patient is ever going to appreciate.)

The good news is, Dr. David Moffet says “Creating a differential for yourself, is much easier than you think.” Moffet, who sold his practice after 30 years for $2.75 million dollars (80% in cash), is the author of “How to Build the Dental Practice of Your Dreams (Without Killing Yourself!)… In Less Than 60 Days.”

His newest workshop is being held in Melbourne, and the first 15 dentists who register will uncover the following 5 practice-building strategies:

  • The “Secret Weapon” Dr. Moffet’s been using since 1996, that allowed him to personally bill $1,826,445 in his last year of business, working only 4 days a week, for 37½ weeks. (While vacationing all over the world the other 15 weeks!) The good news is — all you need is even a halfway decent team, and you can use this same Secret Weapon in your own practice…
  • Why patients travel 10 ½ hours by plane, to pay Moffet’s outrageous prices for dental care. And by the way, it has absolutely nothing to do with his dentistry, and everything to do with these 7 simple differentials…
  • How to consistently increase your prices (10.55% per year, on average), while retaining 91% of your patients…
  • The 3 most critical and costly mistakes 99% of all dentists are making in their practice, every single day… and how to fix them, immediately
  • And, over one dozen little-known cash boosting strategies you can have in place within a day – even with an inexperienced dental team supporting you…
  • These strategies increase case acceptance, dramatically… and make it much easier and far less stressful for you to present large cases, as well. Especially if you’re the kind of dentist who tends to feel “awkward” when it comes to any kind of selling or even when it comes to offering services that are medically necessary…
  • He’ll also reveal how to seriously lower cancellations. And as you know, this is critical because cancellations are costing you a lot of money and a ton of wasted team hours, especially over time…

So if you’re sick and tired of drilling all day long, and not having anything close to what you deserve, to show for it… or if you’ve ever wondered, “What can successful dentists POSSIBLY know, that I don’t?”… then register for this unique workshop, right now:

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