The Ultimate Patient Experience

What is the Ultimate Patient Experience?

The UPE is a simple set of very specific, “common sense” patient service steps being used by dentists all over the world, to create unique experiences for their patients. These experiences dramatically enhance patient visit values and repeat visits.

David Moffet has refined and perfected this system over the last 17 years, to the point where it’s as reliable as a Swiss watch – no matter where you’re located or what kind of practice you are running.

Seven Reasons Why You Need the Ultimate Patient Experience in Your Dental Practice

  1. Your patients like you, and you do good work. But in spite of this — somehow, you’re just not making as much as you want, saving as much as you want, building up that nest egg that’s going to let you finally stop and put down the drill, one day.
  2. Ever feel like, if you weren’t standing there working your tail off, drilling all day long… that your entire office would fall apart? That if it weren’t for you, no one would be doing anything?
  3. Do you know your dentistry is good, and yet… for some reason, you’re simply NOT getting rewarded financially, for all that hard work you’re doing?
  4. Are you so burned out, you can’t even enjoy any of your free time, because you simply don’t have the energy to do anything on your days off?
  5. Do you just want to STOP having to worry about money, every single minute, of every single day?
  6. Did you get to where you are today, through sheer enthusiasm, passion, and solid technical skills…but right now… the problem is… how can you get to that NEXT level?
  7. Are you sick and tired of loving your life on the weekends, and suddenly absolutely HATING life, come Sunday nights?

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