The View Of Your Practice At Low Tide May Not Be So Attractive….

As businesses in Australia begin to return to some degree of normality and start to adapt and to learn to live with COVID,  we are seeing the consequences now being paid by those businesses that failed to insure against hard times or difficult circumstances.

Periods of enforced lockdowns and shutdowns were indeed very difficult times for most businesses.

Many businesses with low cash reserves struggled and suffered during these times.

When lockdown restrictions were lifted, those businesses that had managed to survive then struggled to service the backlog of customers with demand for their products and services.

It was as though someone had kinked the garden hose, and then unkinked it.

Firstly there was no water getting through, and now there was an excess of water.

Finally, as the dust settles, we’re starting to see a return to a “degree of normality” in the levels of supply and demand.

In dentistry, here’s what we’ve been seeing…

When lockdowns finished, dentists would tell us how busy they were.

“We’re booked so far in advance.”

“We’re turning patients away.”

“We don’t need any new patients. We have nowhere to put them.”

Now, as the tide goes out, and the levels of supply and demand are settling, we’re hearing dentists tell us that their appointment books are starting to have gaps in them.

But as we peal back the layers….

As we peal back the layers here’s what we’re seeing…

During the periods of high demand, dental practices were relaxing their protocols and “allowing” patients to cancel appointments because the practices knew that there would always be someone wanting that newly created appointment vacancy.

As supply and demand levels have settled, what we are now seeing is that dental practices that “allowed” these patients to cancel [and failed to reschedule these cancellations into a new appointment] are now struggling to re-activate those patients.

And that’s because during times of excess, those practices that failed to MAINTAIN their level of care for all patients because of this perceived [or real] oversupply of patients with demand, are now struggling to re-create the principles of urgency and concern for those now unscheduled patients.

Hindsight is always crystal clear.

But throughout each wave of the pandemic we’ve been saying this:

Your practice needs to maintain its CORE PRINCIPLES of customer care.

  1. All diagnosed treatment needs to be completed.
  2. All patients need to have a next appointment.
  3. The purpose of an appointment is to create another appointment.

Those practices that have allowed their valued patients to cancel and not reschedule their appointments for necessary treatment are now seeing their poor processes EXPOSED as the tide goes out [and the demand for appointments recedes].

And as you would expect

Those practices that did reschedule all of their valued patients and did not allow them to cancel their appointments for necessary treatment are now seeing the results and rewards of their CONSISTENT processes and their diligence.

And their patients are indeed grateful for the care shown by their dentist and dental practice.

The principles and processes of consistent appointment scheduling are timeless

The principles and processes of consistent appointment scheduling are timeless and are paramount in maintaining the health of your dental practice during times of unexpected hardship.

When your team and your practice follow through and deliver on those THREE CORE PRINCIPLES OF PATIENT CARE consistently, no matter how good things seem to be, or how tough things seem to be, it is then and only then that your practice will bullet-proof itself, and avoid the shock and disappointment that occurs when the tide goes out.

Because the low tide will always reveal who’s who in the zoo….


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