There Is Always A Better Way….

Have you ever met someone who thinks that they’re doing everything well, when in reality, they are so out of touch with reality, that you think to yourself:|

“What the heck?”

Or, have you ever been that person yourself, thinking to yourself:

“I’m doing alright….”

only to find out that your version of alright is really all wrong.

Have you?

Well, I have…

In 1996, I thought that my dental practice was doing alright.

After all, I was collecting double what the average dental practice in Australia was collecting, and I’d been consistently doing these numbers for the previous four years.

Yes, I thought that I was doing ok.

After all, my practice was not in a ritzy part of Sydney.

My practice was located smack bang in the middle of the western suburbs of Sydney, where people lived in average homes and had average jobs and earned average incomes and drove average cars.

So I thought my results were pretty darned good…


Then I met a dentist who had a dental practice in the far western suburbs of Sydney where the population there lived in smaller homes and had lower incomes….

And his dental practice was doing double the collections that I was.

Suddenly I realised…

Suddenly I realised that I had a lot more to learn.

Suddenly I realised that my practice and I had been coasting, or flatlining, for the previous four years.

I thought to myself, if this dentist is doing double the collections that I’m doing, I need to find out what he’s actually doing.

What I worked out was this:

What I worked out was that on my own, I did not know all the answers.

Despite the fact that I thought that I was doing OK, what I found out right then and there was that there was a better way.

I just needed to find out what that better way was.

Here’s what happened:

Here’s what happened next.

I hired a coach. I knew I needed extra assistance.

The first coach I hired was a disaster and a nightmare.

For six months I worked with this coach and I struggled with his suggestions and methodologies.

And the business relationship did not end well.

But then I did this….

So I went and hired another coach.

And over the following five and a half years, I worked with this second coach and I was able to grow my dental practice and triple my collections…

And from there only got better and better and better…

Recently I met the owners of a dental practice:

This week I had the opportunity of speaking to the owners of a dental practice who thought their newly started practice was going really well.

So well in fact, that all they thought they were in need of was to add an online booking facility for patients to schedule their own appointments.

When I asked them about their collections from the previous month, their answer was this:

“Oh, we haven’t looked at those numbers yet.”

And yet we were already onto the sixteenth day of the following month.

When I probed a little further they told me that their staff were all great, and they didn’t need any assistance, and yet their dental practice collections were averaging about $1000 per chair per day, for the month of March…

With 70 New Patients making appointments that month…

I don’t know what you think, but I think that this practice could be doing a heck of a lot better?

Yet the owners seemed to think that they were doing everything very well.

Sadly, sometimes, some people just don’t know what they don’t know.

In my travels, I see a lot of opportunity wasted in dental practices, simply because owners feel that they know it all, and they don’t need any advice at all.

And yet the same owners are literally tearing up hundred dollar bills of missed opportunity through their blind arrogance. These owners just keep heading on regardless, and not stopping for a moment to think:

“You know what, there might be a smarter way of doing this?”

To me, no matter what I’m doing, I’m always acutely aware that somebody else can help me. There will always be someone out there who can do, or will know of, a better way of helping me to reach the end result that I’m aspiring to.

It’s just a matter of finding that person and utilising their valuable IP.

That’s the difference.

As my good friend Dr Ron Arndt said to me:

“None of us are smarter than all of us…”


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