There Is No Downside To This Dental Office Investment

My blog article last week about remunerating dental office team members for continuing education brought in a large number of responses in the forums that the article was posted as well as some very interesting private responses that were sent to me via email and also via personal messages.

And it appears that despite my good intentions of alerting the profession to be more aware of the proverb

Give, and ye shall receive.”

There still appears to be a definite group of employers out there who simply do not seem to get it.

And I hear you asking, some out loudly, and some asking under your breath:

“What is there to get?”

The simple fact of the matter is that it is better to have trained and educated people working for you.


But dentists keep saying to me:

“But what if I spend all this money on my team, train them up, and they leave me?”

To which the answer can only be:

“But what if you never train them up, and they stay?”

Who wants to work with a team that is untrained or poorly trained, when the alternative is to work with a team that is skilled and knows exactly how to do what is required of it?

Which team would be more pleasant to work with?

Which team would inspire more customer interaction and customer loyalty for your business?

Remember, people do business with people they like.

And inspired and educated workers are far more attractive to customers and patients than uninspired and untrained employees are.

The fact of the matter is that the small investment made in Continuing Education programmes for motivated team members is returned in spades to the business simply because of the trust that it shows in those team members and the inspiration that they then generate in their own minds because of the notion they receive that:

“Someone believes in me.”

When an employee feels valued, and feels invested in, they are inspired to strive for improvement, and show a return of that investment in them back to the business and back to the business owner.

Conversely, when an employee feels undervalued and underpaid for their extra-curricular learnings, then they will consciously or sub-consciously begrudge their employers any potential gains simply because of their negative and limiting beliefs.

I even was made aware this week of some dental offices who do pay their employees for extra-curricular learning, but at a lower hourly rate than they pay those same employees for their regular daily duties.

Which really still sends a message that undervalues the importance of the continuing education.

“You have to spend a dollar to make a dollar.”

This makes perfect sense when it comes to team education.

I’ve seen some of the most motivated dental teams ever when [as a coach] I’ve attended courses, and I’ve put on courses that are specifically designed for the purpose of educating teams and team members.

Money spent on the education in your team is an investment, not a cost.

It is money well spent…


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