“There Is No Tooth Fairy.”

The hardest conversation you will ever have is with someone who can’t make a decision.

And even not making a decision is actually a decision.

It’s a decision to not make a decision.

It is a decision to procrastinate.

It is a decision to let time advance, while standing still.

People who fail to make a decision do so because they do not know what they want.

Because if they knew what they want, they would have done it already.

Fixing Your Teeth

People who don’t go ahead with necessary dental treatment to restore their teeth are actually making a decision not to make a decision.

They are deciding they don’t want healthy better looking teeth.

They do not want healthy looking teeth badly enough.

There is no tooth fairy.

Healthy looking smiles do not appear by magic.

They require a decision to commit and do what it takes to achieve a result.

There is no magic pill.

Doing nothing is not the answer.

With change, also comes a need for change.

Have you ever noticed that people who come into instant wealth often burn through their newly acquired money very quickly?

It is said that if you distributed all the wealth in the world evenly amongst all the people in the world, that within two years, all that wealth would have found its way back into the hands of those who had originally owned it.

Putting it simply, whatever caused the problem in the first place, unless removed, will cause the problem again, and again, and again.

Whatever habit caused the poor oral health in the first instance, unless eradicated, will affect and impact on any newly acquired dental treatment in much the same way….


Have you noticed that people who can’t commit to a decision always want information?

“Can you send me some information?”

Information is a sedative.

What they need is IMPLEMENTATION. Not more information.

They need activation. Not procrastination.


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