These Four Small Words Will Turn Your Business Around

I’m always fascinated when I travel to other parts of the world and I see how people and businesses do things with regards to their customer service systems.

On my recent trip traveling around the UK I became inherently aware of a phrase being used that I had not previously heard.

And the use of this simple phrase made perfect sense to me.

When ordering a drink, or ordering a meal, I’d often be greeted by the wait staff with this specific reply, that left me totally at ease and with total certainty about what the next step would be.

And the phrase was so logical, I’m surprised that I had not heard it before.

I’m also surprised that I had not thought up to use this phrase myself.

So what is this phrase, David?

Here’s how a conversation would go….

Waiter: “Would you like a drink?”

David: “Could I please have a pint of Guinness?”

Waiter: “Of course you can.”

“Of course you can.”

How good is this phrase?

Its simplicity is what creates its effectiveness.

Let’s break it down….

Firstly, the opening two words “Of course” provide absolute certainty to the customer.

Without having to say the word “Certainly”.

Which means a similar thing, but, using the words “Of course” allows the waiter to then add the next two very important words which close off the effect of the total phrase.

And that is the addition of the two words “you can”

The addition of these two words creates a dramatic synergy with the first two words “Of course”

This is because it is not quite right to say “Certainly you can”

That’s incorrect.

But, the addition of the words “you” and “can” after “Of course” is sheer genius.

Firstly, by using “you”, we are highlighting the most important person in this interaction and that is them, the customer.

It’s all about them.

It’s all about the “you”.

Coupled with “can” the “you can” creates the required certainty that perfectly completes our answer:

“Of course you can.”

Nothing beats it.

Each time I heard this phrase used it brought a smile to my face.

Watch the smiles appear on your customers’ faces when you use these simple four words in your business.


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