This One Dumb Decision Is Costing You Millions…..

“I think I‘ll wait a little”

“I just need to wait to get the right team before I start…”

I hear it all the time…

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

Why do people not take immediate action?

It’s not as if we’re curing the common cold.

It’s not as if you magically get better, no matter when you begin your medication.

The reason that it is not like that is because the end destination is not the same.

It’s not as though we’re simply running a length of the oval.

Because in life, the goalposts keep on moving.

Is it simply that people are stupid?

Or are they scared of the unknown?

Lesson One. When you start affects where you finish.

Here’s what people think happens in business….

Firstly, they believe that the common destination is simply a new level.


They believe that improvement raises them to a new plane…


They believe that the common destination is the same, whether you begin now, next week or next year.


And this is not the case.

Here’s why….

If you start your journey a week, a month, a year later, you are worse off, because although you think you end up at the same place, you’ve actually missed out on the opportunity, and income, that you would have gained by arriving there sooner….


You see, people think that the end result is the same place. They believe that we’re all getting the same medal for finishing…

But in reality the finish line moves….

Lesson Two. In reality, improvement is not a destination, it’s a journey.

Once you learn something you can never unlearn it.

You can only ignore it….

Once you learn something new you start your business on a new trajectory, and not on a new level.


And so, if you start a week later, a month later a year later, you never reach the same level.



You’re always behind, and you never catch up…

And so the delay in beginning creates a permanent cumulative loss or difference.


Perpetuated year in and year out….

Lesson Three. There are Different Trajectories…

People think that same is same.

But same is not same.

Same is different.

If I want to learn golf, I can learn in different ways.

I can try and teach myself.

Or I could read magazines.

Or I could go to a tournament.

Or I could buy a golf book.

Or I could attend a golf clinic with other students.

Or I could have one on one tuition.

Or I could have it once.

Or I could have one on one tuition weekly for a year.

For two years.

Or forever…..


Do you think my choice of golf tuition would affect my outcome?

Or would all roads lead to Rome?


Would I improve to the same level regardless?

I think the answer is obvious….

But if the answer is so obvious in golf lessons, why is it not so obvious in business lessons?

Why do people, smart business people, just blunder on regardless with ineffectual methodology attempting to achieve different outcomes?

Isn’t it logical, that if there is a better way, then that is the best way to go?

“If it has been done, it can be done.”

If it has been done before by someone else, then you can do it too…

Yes you can…

Improving your business is like buying real estate…. start as soon as you can.

Q. When is the best time to plant an oak tree?

A. Twenty years ago.

Q. When is the second best time to plant an oak tree?

A. Today….

Start now…he who hesitates really does lose….


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