This One Shift In Thinking Will Dramatically Help Your Patients…

Last week I wrote about the CORE PRINCIPLE of business and of service, of always presenting the best options that are available and possible to your customers and then allowing your customers the opportunity of choosing how they wish to proceed.

If as a dentist you believe your treatment plan for your patient is what is best for that patient, and is what they need doing now to improve their dental health, then it is YOUR DUTY to do everything you possibly can to help your patient have that necessary treatment done as soon as possible, without delay.

You owe it to your patients to give them every opportunity to find an affordable way to pay for the dentistry they are needing.

And that means that every one of your patients must be given every opportunity to learn about the various ways available to them to help them pay for their dental treatment.

And once they know and understand their financial options and choices, it gives your patient the choice of being able to go ahead with their treatment.

Patients know that GOOD DENTISTRY costs money.

It’s your duty to help your patients work out the best way for them to be able receive the dentistry they need.

When you provide your patients with more options for them to choose from regarding payment for their treatment, what you will find is that you will have more patients accepting and beginning treatment, rather than delaying or postponing the care that they are needing.

But where do you start if you’ve never suggested finance before?

Start here:

Remember that money is used as a means of exchange for the wonderful service and care that your dental practice offers.

The more that you believe in the value of the treatment and care that you offer to your patients, the more that you and your team will become more comfortable and confident when discussing money and payment.

When you are comfortable discussing money, your patients will be more comfortable as well. So always presume that every patient is OK to talk about money and payment.

This will allow you to start to change the pattern of how you and your team respond and react to money discussions.

Remember, it is OK to talk about money.

You will need to educate your team:

Learning how to talk money with your patients is easy and straight forward.

When you start to train your team they will immediately become more confident and prepared.

This is because you will be arming your team with ALL OF the ongoing communication skills that they WILL need to help your patients.

This will be A WIN-WIN for both your patients, and your business.

Don’t wait until patients say NO to treatment to show them the payment options.

Let patients know that many patients in your practice are now choosing this option of payment for their treatment.


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