Those Fateful Words You Never Want To Hear Your Patient Say.

I was reminded recently by non-dental circumstances about the importance of keeping in touch with your clients.

And in particular your best clients.

Because clients can be very peculiar.

Realistically, if clients are paying you money, and you wish for them to keep doing so, then you need to be keeping in touch with them on a regular basis simply to let them know that you care.

Recently a property owner I know was feeling a little bit “short changed” because his farm manager, [who he paid on a month by month retainer basis] was not following through with work requests and was not keeping my friend up to date on the “state of the nation” when it came to my friend’s property.

And so my friend was starting to take notice that his farm manager had been visiting less frequently than was needed, amongst other things….

It reminded me of a situation in my own dental practice many years ago, when I was having my team members phone patients to follow up on those patients who were overdue for their various dental appointments.

And I remember to this day being told about the phone call to Molly and Ken Smith.

Molly said:

“Oh, we hadn’t heard from Dr Moffet for a while, so we decided to go elsewhere. We thought he didn’t care about us any more…”

Well, stab me in the heart with a dagger!

To this day I don’t know what it was that we did or did not do for Ken and Molly Smith.

I can’t tell you whether they left without an appointment and were never followed up?

I’m not sure if maybe they rang and cancelled an appointment and were never asked to make a new one?

Whatever the issue was, it was our business’s fault for letting Ken and Molly Smith be forgotten.

And it served us right that they decided to take their business elsewhere.

Nobody should ever feel forgotten or ignored.

Ignoring your customers is the surest way of guaranteeing that they will get the attention they are seeking.

Sadly, that attention will come from one of your competitors.


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