Three Must-Haves For Your Dental Office Website That Will Have Your Phone Ringing Hot

The Dental Practice website is often the first port of call for new patients looking for a new Dental Home.

And with the amount of information out there about dentists, it’s now easier than ever before for the consumer to make a well informed decision as to whether or not she is going to start going to this Dentist, and why she is *NOT* going to be going to that Dentist.

Without even having picked up the phone.

And without having ever set foot outside of her own family home doorway.

The problem with most Dental Office Websites is that they’re not written with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Public in mind.

In the first instance they’re often written to impress the Dentist who owns the Dental Office. Because they’re often written by him.

About him.

“I have fifteen degrees from XYZ University and I’m a member of one hundred and forty eight dental societies and I graduated with first class honours from Zzzzzzzz.”

“So What!” the consumer is saying!!

The average consumer doesn’t know the difference between this University and that University…

They don’t care whether you’re a member of the ADA, the ABC, or the BBC for that matter.

And if it’s three societies or thirty-three societies, they don’t really care.

What they want to know is can they connect with you?

Because if they don’t feel like they can, they’ll be clicking away to the next Dental Office website just as quickly as you can say “Jack Robinson”.

The most popularly visited pages on a Dental Office Website are the “About the Doctor” page and even more importantly the “About the Team” page.

These pages need to be easily found from your home page and they must be user friendly.


Ideally there’s an “About the Team” button that’s prominent on your home page.

As well as having an “About the Team” tab right next to your “Home” tab in your tool bar along the top of your Home Page.

Don’t bury the tab for your team fifth or sixth along after the “Dental Conditions” and “Dental Services” tabs.

Because every Dental website has the same services and treats the same conditions, so after a while, for the consumer, the dental web pages start looking like the Laundry Detergent aisle at your local supermarket.

Here’s what the new patient is looking for. If your Dental Office Website can answer these four things, you’ll go a long long way towards attracting new business to your practice.

  • Do you look friendly?
  • How many children do you have?
  • What do you like to do on weekends and in your spare time?
  • Do you collect anything?

What the new patient is looking for is a point of commonality with you and your team members. Any point that means they can make a connection with you or someone else at your office.

You like golf? My husband plays golf.

Janice likes spending time with her eight grand children? Where do they live, Janice? Do they live nearby to you?

Lastly, have professional photos taken, with action shots in your Office rather than photos that look your passport photo, or worse still, like you’re just about to be charged with something.

The public are wanting to connect with you.

And it’s really easy for you to help them to do this….


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